With the rise in the online marketing strategy and the number of people getting engaged in online marketing a serious thought arises that is whether the print media will get disappear? So, it is examined that the offline marketing seems to dominate.

Online Marketing Vs. Print Media

Earlier it was a time where the offline marketing and the print media were so popular that they keep on firing the marketing and the print media for marketing was listed in the yellow pages. But, now with the rise in online marketing the print media are letting waste the paper and its effectiveness.

It is the result of the profit through the online marketing where the people who adopt the online marketing are getting positive results from the strong service of SEO, SEM and online market. And now the printing and offline marketing are known as the old trend of promoting.

Survey : Google Vs. Yellow Pages

A survey is conducted to examine the use of print service; its result is demonstrated with the few questions such as how fast does the person use the print work in the yellow pages, does the searched product and services are usefully found in the yellow pages or not, is a Google search is easy or a search in the yellow page, how fluently does the person use the Google, what is SEO and how many people are aware of the SEO service.

With the survey results relating to the queries it is demonstrated about more than 50% of peoples are not using the Yellow page regularly and 100% of peoples are aware of Google and use it regularly. As per the SEO around 10% of people are aware of SEO.

With the respect of Google search result, it is demonstrated that the number of people only response to the search result of first 5 pages and does not follow the rest. As people think that the results heading at the top are the best so why should they go to next pages when they find the results easily in the first pages.

It results to the websites which has a large number of crawlers that website lead to have a better result in the search engine result as people trust blindly on Google believing it displays the true and exact result. Heading top on Googleprovides the benefit to increase the opportunities for development in the online market and reach the prospective customers easily. It is a golden opportunity to target high sales with the help of business capitalization.

The highest result for the search features, the website lets the Google create a brand and features the search result on top.So, there is a question-Whether the online marketing will make the offline print advertising disappear and let the print version of yellow pages come to an end as the SEO and SEM service going to provide the best resultswith respect to the search engines.

Thus the survey result makes the users aware about the SEO and SEM service and also helps to know that the number of people using the yellow page service is decreasing.

This video will explain the entire survey in nutshell

Wind up

We can see that print media is reducing its importance as most of the business owners focus more on online advertising. This is because there are various SEO companies like Platinum SEO who provide affordable local SEO packages that includes online marketing as well and this makes online advertisements cheaper as compared to Print media. So, most people prefer digital marketing as it provides them more exposure all over the world.