From the beginning of the internet domination, were produced many search engines. There are many search engines and there’s a tough competition among them going on every day. From the beginning Google is the main choice for almost 80% of internet users, but right behind Google are Bing and Apple. According to a new study, Google is the best choice for search engine because on Google you can find must trusted and useful information.

Comparison between Google’s Knowledg Vault, Apple’s Siri and Bing’s Cortana:

A new invention Google’s Knowledge Vault is a system developed to gather information from all over the web automatically without any human checking. This system is based on machine learning and it’s using a new algorithm published by Google, something very new and genius produced by them.

One consulting agency wanted to see how effective Knowledge Vault is! So they searched for about 3086 queries that were different, and also the content in search result was the relevant answer to the search query.

After this, the consultancy agency compared all voice based search queries related to different platforms (three of them). And as per the results, the positive news was on the side of Google. From 3086 on Google were showing 1795 enhanced results or in percents that is 58%, also on Apple’s Siri it was 908 or 29% and on Bing it was 20% or 630 results. That means that Google is returning three times more results as compared to Bing and two times more than Apple. You can also see this on the next graph.

Merged Data Results

The above study shows that now we are 100% sure for Google being the best choice as a search engine. Google also have a higher rate in terms on that the returned results are the exact answers to the question asked. You can also see this here in the graph mentioned below:

Completely Answered

Another below mentioned graphical study shows that these 25% percent that were tested were not connected to the source, but results that were returned by Google search are appropriate and with good established facts.

Link to Source

Now, let’s have a look at another below mentioned graph results which are related to the step by step results. This study suggests that very little information is taken by Google from any website that provides step by step instructions because very few websites actually provide the relevant information in those steps and the percentage ratio is 21% sites provide required information in such step by step results.

Step by Step Result

From these results, we can say that Google is leading among other search engines like Bing, Apple when it comes to get relevant search results. It may not be 100% accurate but it provides the exact info related to the search query and in the future all three companies will invest in this type of technology, and all of them will get better results, but for now Google is number 1 for this job.

Wind Up:

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