Welcome viewers, as promised; we are here to share with you some off-page SEO tips. We hope our on-page SEO tips had worked wonders for you. We love to share every little thing we come to know about SEO, as SEO is the daily need for an online business like Air, water, food and shelter for human beings.

Let’s move ahead with the topic and discuss some Knicks and knacks of off-page SEO that will definitely drive more traffic to your website.

off-page Optimization Tips:

For those who are new to this term – off-page SEO, we will explain it in simple terms as off-page SEO is a technique where efforts are made to drive traffic to the website by various external means such Guest blogging, social media sites , directory submission, press release etc.

While in on-page, efforts are made on the website such as use of optimized images, website URLs and much more (please refer to our previous article for details).
How and what efforts will really help to make a robust result oriented off-page SEO strategy? Our blog post will give you the resolution.

Optimizing your off-page SEO is as important as on-page one. We believe that Google is the search engine where mostly people search what they need but this is not the case , there are various other search engines used by internet users to search for the things they need. So, it is essential that your website is available in the top search results at each and every place, be it Google or any other search location.

  • Social Media Marketing: Apart from Google, if people use something then it is the use of social networking sites such as Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc. These platforms are used to create brand awareness, promote website to get more traffic. These social sites love to have customers that keep sharing things with each other.
    The search algorithm of these sites is different from that of Google that strives to get best results. Moreover, different social sites have different algorithms. So, the strategy that you will prepare for LinkedIn will not work for Pinterest.So, before developing a strategy for social media marketing, you must decide as to which social platform you are selecting to promote your business to. To know which social media platform will serve the purpose, you must go through the guidelines of every one of them as this will give you a deep insight about the social network that can meet your needs.
  • Link Building: After social media, another important off-page SEO technique is Link building. It is a very effective marketing strategy to boost your SEO campaign. However, must be taken that only quality links must be used. Poor quality links can lead to bad online reputation as well as leaves bad impression in the eyes of the Google.
    So, avoid any malpractices related to links and only use relevant as well as quality links.Conclusion:

Here, we are concluding our off-page section and we are sure that these tips too will help you to improve your page results. In case, you feel to get more guidance then our Sydney SEO experts at Platinum SEO are here to help you.