SEO experts say guest blogging is dead. On the other hand, this year turned out to be a good one for native advertising. Is there anything that online businesses should quickly catch? Well, let’s not talk about how Matt Cutts is going to ban spam in the form of guest posts. It is better to see why native advertising will overtake guest blogging quite soon.

What are the similarities between Guest Blogging and Native Advertising?

  • Both of them contribute original content to a publisher.
  • Both of them get full credit to the contributor in the form of author’s bio or sponsored brand.
  • Both of them get traffic or attention .

What are the differences between guest blogging and native advertising?

  • Guest blogging is more about getting some ‘follow’ links whereas native advertising is about ‘no follow’ links.
  • Native ads are paid, whereas guest blogs are unpaid.

Now, how will native ads replace guest blogs? Well, here are 3 reasons why power gets transferred soon.

1. Google will gradually kill other SEO Strategies

Webmasters have carefully built authority using some methods and now Google is dismantling those very structures which were built over the years. Hyperlinks will go down the drain soon. Google’s algorithm will not mind native advertising.

2. Banner Ads are considered dead!(Banner-blindness!)

Native advertising has better potential and engagement level. When publishers embrace native ads, guest posting will become ‘paid’. Even good content will not be displayed free of cost.

3. SERP Real-Estate diminishes

Native ads that are well-paced get more attention. They get traffic. Gradually, native advertising might take a bigger place.

If content marketers wake up and embrace these trends, they might get an edge over others in the developing competition. Native ads do blend great content seamlessly within the environment. A decade ago, banner ads were rocking. They had better click through rates. Back then, banner ad companies made good money even when they charged small amounts. The CTR of banner ads was around 60-90% in those days. But today, the banner ads have a CTR of around 0.1%. Publishers aren’t making money on these ads and advertisers are not getting exposure through them. Today, banner ads are being ignored by visitors as all sites do have standard banner ads on them. When people ignore them, the rates fall.

Native Adverting Campaigns
To run native advertisements is the logical step if you can come up with the format. Of course, the advertisers will surely pay more as these ads are more effective. Today, most of the online newspapers are finding it tough to survive as their banner ads are not paying off. That business model is dead! Today, any media company needs to embrace native advertising if revenues are to be generated from advertisers.

Wind Up:

Things changed now and we need to change accordingly. You must be prepared to embrace the change to survive well online. The only thing every online business must remember is: revenue comes from attention; if your methods don’t get attention, your methods are wrong. Your revenues depend upon attention.
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