The Google My Business which was released in June and the update of Pigeon came in July and both of these refers that the listing of local business are the most important topic for now in search engine marketing. It is true that the multi national brands understand the advantages of higher ranking for local pages but they have many confusions regarding this. This article will help you to understand the two most common types of brands which can be used during optimizing pages.

One can use software-as-a-service platform in order to optimization as well as automate the page creation because they provide fast deployment and great solutions. Though it comes with few shortcomings still the user need to know the pros and cons properly before using Saas platform.

Importance of Local Pages:

It is really difficult to increase your visibility in the local search engine queries with the help of branded, optimized location pages. These pages can help you to get the good rank and also provide a quick way to get local consumers. When the consumer will search with a branded term these pages help to show the closest location. These pages actually help the consumer to get what they want within their first click.

It is really difficult to have owned location bases home page for the local search strategy however, there are two types of options that you can use to develop them SaaS platform and more manual subdirectory approach.

Local Data & Social

Approach of SaaS Subdomain

The saas platforms can manage to make thousands of optimized location pages for different brands that use sun domain strategy. Actually these pages are templates and they can be produced very quickly with the description of local store name, phone data, address, maps and reviews. By using meta and structured data strategies these pages are really well optimized.

The most important feature of these pages are they can be hosted without the main site. therefore, if the brands withdraws any program then these pages will be removed and the content will be delivered to the client. But the problem is the URL which offers the SEO values will be disappeared.

Approach by the Owned Sub directory

In a long term strategy where a brand posses its URLs and contents from the very beginning is known as a sub directory or sub folder approach. the root domain helps the brands or the brand partners to make local pages with sub directory strategy. A sub directory page which has proper meta and structured data, strategic interlinks with a proper brand location is optimal sub directory.
The main challenge of using these pages is making them properly across many locations and still adding the social signals and right content that can improve search ranking. Brands have to give their best efforts in this in order to increase the visibility on Google.
Brands cannot reject the actual value of using these location pages for SEO value. You can get pros and cons both through these pages with SaaS platforms versus a higher touch solution. Therefore, you need to choose some factors like long term SEO value, data integration procedures and budget before you take the decision.
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