Discussing about digital marketing, social media is a big part of it. The value it gives to our business is immeasurable. Yes with condition that it is used in a proper manner. For companies having less marketing budgets, social media is a boon. It can be used to learn about the behaviour of competitors, customers, visitors and more.

It’s a platform where entire business story can be shared and also the information about other companies can be gained. Yet, here’s another confusion that we discussed in our previous blog as well, it’s about selecting right platform that suits the business needs.

Basically, there are five major platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram; making use of these all in equal proportion can actually help you to take a decision as to which platform will be more suitable and the budgets can be divided accordingly.

Now, here comes the main point and it is about selecting the Right Person to Manage the social media accounts in short, selecting the social media manager for your business. So, what things must be borne in mind while hiring a social media manager?

Hiring A Social Media Manager

  • Budget for your company: Every candidate will have its own price, based on the number of platforms he/she will have to manage and the number of posts that are to be uploaded on a particular platform depending on your expectation.It can cost anywhere from AU $500 to AU$1200 per month or may be more depending on the tasks that a person needs to be managed.
  • Gaining social media presence needs patience: It’s not a high jump, it takes time to get the results and so it’s a foolish thing to expect over night results from any person. The time can vary from six months to a year or more based on the efforts you make on social media.Minimum 4 – 6 months are required to get engaged with the brand and so always provide quality content, various tips and news that can be used to appeal the customers.
  • Check the knowledge about Social media: There are people who just have a basic overview of how social media works but they are not aware about any strategies that can be used to increase the presence on social media and so to hire a proper candidate it’s important to ask questions like as:1. Hours needed to manage social media account.
    2. Breakdown of work schedule
    3. Analytics report to measure the performance.

This helps to track the money that is being spent on social media efforts and it also makes it clear for you to know exactly where and in which place your brand is shared. Hence, selecting the perfect person for the position of social media manager is vital for business.

So, make sure whosoever you select has the perfect knowledge about social media tools, good understanding about analyzing the data and any other criteria depending on the business need.

Wind up:

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