To do several tasks at the same time is sometimes beneficial and sometimes it can really mess up anything and everything. However, there’s always confusion as to what works best; focusing on one task at the same time or doing multiple tasks at the same time.

Here, leaving all other fields behind; we are going to discuss whether multi tasking can do any good to social media or not and the discussion begins…

Is multi tasking useful for social media?

A general view says that marketers love to manage several social accounts at the same time i.e. at single time they love to get tweet alerts, email notifications and pings on Facebook. Isn’t it hectic? Isn’t it a big headache when all things come at one time?

While managing social media, it’s really an inefficient thing leading the marketer nowhere. Multi tasking in social media generates no fruitful results instead it can worsen the productivity; reason being attention is shifted every now and then from one task to another thus messing up all things.

Every task needs proper concentration and the moment you adjust your focus on Facebook, suddenly you receive the twitter alert and hence your concentration breaks. So, it’s not advisable to manage social media accounts simultaneously as it seriously wastes your time.

Instead draft a schedule and manage all of them one by one. This will make you worry free, more productive within less time and help you to manage every account in a better way. So, avoid looking on the metrics even while driving, focus on them only when it’s the time to do so.

Now, the question is how to avoid multi tasking social media? Few tips mentioned here will help to those who are really willing to do so:

Tips to Manage social media efficiently without Multi tasking:

    • Make use of any Timer app: The most recommended one is Pomodoro timer which is a desktop app that allows to set a time frame for every single task. The technique is timing is to be set for 25 minutes on a particular task without any break. This means you can work on any single social media account continuously for 25 minutes and then take a break as needed; may be short break or longer break of 15 minutes.This makes it easy to concentrate on a particular task and finish it within the decided time frame.
    • Choose one platform at one time: Let’s say you are busy with updating blog posts and suddenly receive a tweet alert. Now, as a regular habit what you will do is leave that blog post and respond to that tweet alert.This will consume more of your time to post the blog. Instead, finish the task first that you are doing currently and then switch to twitter alerts and respond them. Select the time frame for every social media account.

      For example: 40 minutes blog posting, 40 minutes managing Facebook account, 30 minutes for twitter and more. But, during this dedicated time no other account must be taken, provide your complete focus on the thing for which that time is allotted.

Multi Tasking Social Media

  • Take a small walk:Relaxation is important to rejuvenate your body and so it’s necessary to take five minutes break after every 25 minutes of task. Avoid thinking about problems, just use those five minutes of break to meditate or walk. Relax completely before starting new task.
  • Give yourself time to understand things: Read your blog posts twice or thrice, read the comments calmly. This will help you to post thoughtful comments and this will ensure that you have read the entire post.Try to learn about your followers, try to understand them. This will help you to do your marketing task more easily.
  • Keep record of everything you do: Try to make note of everything you do. Many desktop apps are available for the same. This note can also be used to jot down ideas that can really make a good post some day.

Wind up:

Try these steps for one day and we are sure you will feel more relaxed and accomplished than ever before because that will be the day when you are able to complete all your tasks in time and are completely productive.

Hence, avoid multitasking in social media and focus on one account at one time. For more such tips that can spurt up your productivity in the Social media marketing field, stay in touch with Platinum SEO; most popular SEO Company in Sydney.