SEO, we all know is the livelihood of any online business next to finance. An expert’s advice is always useful while you are taking baby steps in your business and for those who have already achieved great heights; an expert’s advice is required to stay on the heights. Hence, one of the most important techniques of SEO is Remarketing.

In today’s blog, we will discuss some tips related to Remarketing that are adopted by professionals at Platinum SEO Services and have got good results, providing complete satisfaction to their clients. First of all, let’s understand what exactly “Remarketing” is! , and how it helps to optimize digital marketing strategies.

Remarketing is referred to procedure where viewers who have not shown any action on the website are followed by internet marketers. This can be explained in simple terms as: Suppose you are  a buyer and while surfing on internet for various laptop accessories, you came across an e-shopping site, you liked the product, clicked the “Add to Cart” option yet suddenly while checking out, you got some thought and you closed the tab. This means you just went on that site and came back without fulfilling the transaction.

So, in case if that website is having Re-marketing strategy, they will follow you via email marketing or any other websites you use on the worldwide web. This is done with a hope that buyer may come back and complete the transaction.

Hope you are familiar with this SEO trick now, so let’s move ahead with some tips to make the best use of this technique.

Things that must be avoided during Re-marketing:

a) Avoid sending emails now & then which can irritate people and may tag you as “Spam” Beware! Don’t be a spammer.

b) Limit your website pop ups, as this may frustrate buyers thus forcing them to block the pop ups from that particular website. In order to stop this, set a frequency cap as to how many times a visitor must be targeted in a day.

c) Avoid sharing the same ad several times in a month; keep changing them with your remarketing campaigns.

Few things that make this technique more useful:

a) Improve Website: Before adopting this technique, you must have an attractive website that draws the attention of the buyers and has full-fledged SEO strategy implemented, so that it can gain highest traffic. The landing pages should have a highest click rate & low bounce rate.

b) Make most use of keywords: Identify the keywords that bring traffic to your website and try to make best use of them. Keep a ratio of one keyword in 100 words, show the ads related to the search term used by buyer without affecting your branding.

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