It is less matter of concern that who is optimizing your Website SEO, an SEO firm or any SEO expert, the matter of concern is how you can judge the performance of the strategy developed by them. It is important that the SEO techniques adopted by your SEO team must be result oriented.

The SEO effect is not immediate however you must be able to get results atleast after a month or so. If you have opted for White Hat SEO services then we are sure that you will get the results after a little patience.

Key Factors:

Here, we have listed some factors that must be considered while judging the performance of your white hat SEO service:

    • Know your rankings & improved keywords: Sometimes we can see there’s less traffic on our website however the rankings in search result have increased. This is a proof that the website is on the verge of getting more traffic. This shows that the strategy you adopted has given you perfect ROI. This means you are using white hat seo services leading to increase in organic traffic.
    • Make use of Summary Reports: Reports are useful tool to determine what progress your strategy has made and up to what extent. It includes positives as well as negatives that help you to know the areas that still need hard work.These can be easily available from online tools such as Google Analytics or can be prepared by the one who’s doing your SEO tasks.
    • Get benefited from all Metrics: Don’t disappoint yourself if you find that your rankings are not improved, check for other improvements may be very small with the help of certain SEO metrics. These metrics include total links, goals achieved, fans increased or decreased, number of shares on social networking sites, website bounce rate, time spent by visitors on your website and much more.Always develop a target, before starting your SEO tasks as this helps in tracking the improvements.


Continue using ethical SEO techniques and have patience, definitely you will get the desired results. SEO is a slow process. So don’t expect overnight results. You can measure your website’s performance by constantly monitoring its performance and identify the steps to be taken to generate targeted results.

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