We all new to be read, liked by our fans, customers on Social media and for some likes are the ones that matter to them a lot. When it comes to business, content enriched with ideas and information can be liked by more people.

But here the question is that conversions should increase; only likes and shares are not enough. To increase revenue, we must have more customers. So, here we have come up with some ideas that can make social media posts important enough to be attentive and taken care of:

Few Great Content ideas:

  • Breaking news: 90% of people have this habit of reading newspaper in the morning. A cup of tea with newspaper is good combination. Similarly, the target audience is interested in updates from friends, family, their liked pages and more.So, as a business owner we must think to make our brand a part of daily routine for our target audience. This can be done by providing daily update of top three industry related news.Not necessary that’s it your own creations, only links to the relevant sources are also enough. So, try to update latest industry news on daily basis and see the increase in number of followers.
  • Hot Gossips: The real nature of human beings is to keep on discussing about things and we know so called Gossip about politics, news, trends and more. Gossiping is in our blood and doing it with colleagues’ increases the bond and sometimes gossip about some useful information helps to make apt decisions.So, make most use of this human characteristic and provide them something via your social media post about which they can good gossiping. Some amazing scenes which they have never experienced and things like that which will surprise them.This increases the curiosity among the social media users to visit your posts now very often. It can be any stuff like staff party images, fun at work videos like employees playing games etc this increases the closeness of users with you.

    Let’s say if your company is doing something as a social responsibility like as distributing gifts to poor on any occasion or anything like that then upload the images, some stuff that can excite users to read it.

  • Offering special discounts but in a different way: When it comes to social media, it’s not only about discussing the business and professionalism instead it should be some that actually makes your brand interesting in the eyes of people.One such way to grab attention is to launch any contest or quiz where users can participate and win gifts. Provide them QR codes in the form of coupons. You can do this easily with simple QR code generator and showcase it on social media with a nice background image that highlights it.
  • Reward your Employees: Employees do a great job by posting things on social media so appreciate them by displaying their work on social media. This way they will feel encouraged and users will also start giving value to you because you actually value your people.Great Content IdeasDo it on all social media platforms, upload the image of employees getting cash prize or reward, a very intelligent idea to boost the employee morale as well as win the hearts of users.
  • Ask your audience for caption ideas: Sometimes we don’t get proper captions for images and so it’s good idea to ask for caption ideas from your fans by posting the image on your business page. Ask for fans to give you amazing ideas and the ones selected can be displayed on the fan page and will also be given a surprise reward.This will help to get more audience and in turn make your brand popular among the users, viewers, followers and more.

Take Away:

These ideas can definitely help you to boost your posts and increase more followers thus leading to increase in customers. Hence, start applying these and see the spurt. For more such creative ideas to boost your social media presence stay in touch with Platinum SEO, SEO Agencies Melbourne.