Today, all those who use Pinterest for online marketing; keep it as a secret; this means all those who use it in an appropriate manner have more chances to stand out from the crowd. Well, in the initial stages; there are many people who fear of using Pinterest as it needs huge commitment.

Don’t worry; here we will teach you how to develop best Pinterest campaigns just by sparing 10 minutes a day; five days a week.

So, let’s begin and know the ways to create best campaigns within less time:

  1. Re-pin the available content: This is the well adopted step to begin with. Just spare few minutes every day to find relevant keywords for your industry and then you will find a treasure of keywords which will perfectly suit your business needs.

    This works in a threefold manner. Most successful pinners are prolific and they are always in search of some good stuff to share with. This makes their page feel fresh, active and up to the mark.

    It also shows that you are the thought leader in the industry as you are constantly updated with the market. This will positively impact your company and products.

  2. Take the content from your own website: The main thing is from where to get the content to pin on Pinterest. In order to make the best of yourself, try to use the content from your own website.

    It is a good practice to use the content from your website but avoid over doing it. Always maintain the ratio of 1:4. Smaller ratio may lead to under branding and higher ratio may lead to over promotion. Prefer to use repurposed content on Pinterest.

  3. Schedule your pins: You have a well planned budget for the time which can be used for Pinning including weekends. Internet is something which is available 24/7. So, keep going.

    Schedule your Pins on Pinterest

    Yes, we understand that you need time to enjoy with your family and so we advise you to schedule your weekend pins beforehand so that while you are enjoying your leisure time; your pins will get automatically uploaded.

    Make use of various services like Buffer to set automation of your weekend pins. These services can be used to automate many of your social media accounts. Prepare bunch of pins, tweets and statuses during the weekdays so that they can go live on weekends.

    Here. Smart phones can help you out. Just get the Pinterest app installed and start working with just few minutes a day or in your spare time. This will make you more productive. This is one of the effective ways to grow audience on Pinterest.

  4. Engage with Group Boards: Yes, this is one of the best practices. Collaborate with other group boards. You can re-pin their pins on your board. This is similar to that of liking other business pages on Facebook and commenting on their products and services as well as re-tweet the tweets on Twitter.

    This will help to get more organic traffic. To get maximum benefits; follow this; Pin early, Pin the most and Pin well.

  5. Analyze the Analytics: Pinterest makes this easy with Pinterest Analytics. There are various third party services available if you wish to get more out of your bucks. Among these 10 minutes; use some to get a look on Analytics.

    Note the top performers and you will get lot of knowledge including individual pin performance, re-pins and impressions. Here, important thing is that you don’t have to spend much time on this.

Take Away:

So, now after reading this post; you will easily be able to use Pinterest for your business. Let us know how this post of ours has helped you. Few minutes a day can make you a good pinner.

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