As one of the prodigious social media, Facebook has changed the aura of communication. If we want to nurture our old connections and want to tether ourselves with industry influencers, then Facebook will be the utmost choice for us. In Facebook, the influencer reach is simply indubitable. It always assists us to build relationships that lead to other relationships and so on. Facebook is beneficial for all industry regardless of the size and the nature of the businesses.


In this article, we are delineating how we can use Facebook for influencer outreach.

  1. Research about the competitors– Brainstorming and research about the competitors, are the two intrinsic components for the success of any business. In this technology driven era, markets are stuffed with many tools which provides detailed competitive research on Facebook. Among the plenty of tools, BirdSong analytics and Fanpage karma are highly applauded and they have been able to grab the attention from the users. While, BirdSong analytics dedicatedly provide in-depth engagement report for any Facebook page and on the other hand, Fanpage karma unveils the list of most engaged page supporters.
  2. Include influencers into the content– It is the most challenging job to include an influencer in an article and hence it is the most cogent way by which we can engage anyone. So, we should try to make the influencers a direct part of the content. We can easily ask them to contribute our posts or link to their work in the text of a blog post. Or even, we can often create an expert roundup post and incorporate some questions which are relevant to our readers and then request them to share their opinion on that particular matter. SERPStat is a tool that provides some questions on any topic to encourage influencers to get involved with Facebook.
  3. Use Facebook tagging– Facebook tagging is an integral part of Facebook marketing. So, if we want to tag anyone in Facebook, we can use @ and then start typing their name until we are not able to see them in the drop-down list. Most influencers have business pages on Facebook, so we can easily tag them without putting much efforts. But using a third party app, we won’t be able to tag anyone in Facebook.

So, in a nut shell, Facebook is a podium where we can get access to thousands of customers for the price of engaging a few.

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