We seem to know that SEO & Google are interrelated and when it comes to SEO, Google is the only name that comes in the minds of people. So, today we are going to identify whether is there any search engine apart from Google that dominates the SEO?

If we talk about Asian countries then other than Google, several search engines like Yahoo, Baidu, Naver and others.

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Search engines keep updating their algorithms so that content can meet the specific requirements. If the website is to be optimized for B2C or B2B then there are lot of things to cover and so Google alone won’t be able to optimize it all alone.

Considering Japan, an Asian country we can say that Yahoo is most used search engine there and os let’s have an overview about Yahoo in Japan.

Yahoo – Japan: If we consider Japan, then here Yahoo is the dominating search engine as it is mostly used there and Google’s market share is only about 40% to 50%. So, if you are targeting any of the Japan audience then make sure you follow the Yahoo Guidelines while doing SEO for your website.

Japan is a country having particular culture and customs and here online users have their own preference for search engines. Still, Yahoo Japan is the most preferred online portal used by Japanese people to read news, do online shopping, surfing, searching information and much more.

If we talk about mobile market in Japan, Yahoo still has a strong hold over there. Hence, if you are optimizing your web content for any Asian country then make sure to have a look at the market share of search engines for that particular country.

Optimizing Websites for other search engines than Google:

It is similar to optimizing pages or website for Google, there’s not much difference and it’s neither a hard task. However, the difference lies in keywords which can help to draw maximum traffic. Those keywords that are useful to catch traffic from Google may not be useful to do so from Yahoo.

Also, keyword search volume can differ from search engine to search engine and so it’s necessary to identify that particular density of keywords and how often they are used on any search engine. Some Search engines provide their own keyword research tool like as Yahoo Japan has its own.

They function equally to that of Google’s Keyword Planner. Apart from this, there are differences in keyword estimates depending on search volume. It also renders demographic data which is unavailable in Google Keywords tool.

Like research tool in Yahoo Japan offers percentage breakdown by age group which means what keywords are more often used by what age group and so on.

So, if you are in B2B or B2C category that it’s necessary to know that Google is not the only option for Asian countries, there are also other search engines that dominate the internet and this will help you to gain maximum traffic and so this in turn will boost your revenue.

Wind up:

Therefore, from now on make sure that you properly check the need and identify which search engine is mostly used by the target audience then prepare the SEO plan accordingly so that it can directly hit the target audience. For any expert guidance, you can get in touch with Platinum SEO, Local SEO Melbourne to optimize web pages or website in such a way that it can help to increase conversions.