Recently, the new digital ad ratings were launched by Neilsen in seven markets including Asia and Latin America, Singapore and Malaysia. These ratings were announced to promote digital advertising in these regions.

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Digital Ad Ratings offer a completely perfect method of evaluating the online audience, reach , frequency as well as gross rating metrics to measure the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns.

Here, we have included a small overview on these ratings will actually affect the market as well as the business.

Impact of Digital Ad Ratings on Online industry:

These ratings are gladly welcomed by the media industry. Many of these are eager to know about the advancements that these ratings will bring in terms of digital marketing strategies as well as business goal achievements.

Some of these are useful as they have true capabilities and identify the need for a change in technology to meet the changing habits of digital marketing.

These digital ratings will help to make sure that the digital marketing campaigns you launch are generating appropriate results. It will show how your investments are yielding the results and help you to target the audience.

One can easily get proper measurement of effective cross device usage such as increase in mobile traffic. Currently, only Facebook mobile activities can be measured; more platforms will be added later this year or coming year.

Once other platforms are added, it will offer a complete cross device measurement which will be welcomed by the market.

Talking about the drawbacks of these digital ad ratings; it lacks in offering proper digital planning as well as activities or measures to be taken once the campaigns are evaluated. This still remains unsolved with these ratings.

These ratings offer only post measurement ratings after properly evaluating the results achieved from a planned campaign.

Will these be adopted by Agencies?

This is possible only if it’s adopted by the businesses as most of the businesses possess their own digital marketing tools or we can say digital campaign evaluation tools. So, using these ratings can be somewhat a challenging task.

Yes, it will definitely emphasis the need of digital media but till now it has really been difficult to explain the reach of digital media in any sector. If we talk from the view point of Facebook users then this methodology will offer the data that is based on real people and this is definitely going to benefit advertisers.

This will boost the people based marketing thus making digital advertising more enchanting. It shows that the new digital marketing age has arrived where now it will be possible to measure your digital marketing efforts via a unique tool.

However, industry still needs a perfect tool that can do digital planning, evaluate the efforts and offer steps to be performed after measuring the results. Such tools are really being awaited by business owners.

But sky is the limit and so DAR methodology is just the beginning to fill the gaps in measuring the efforts of digital marketing campaigns.

Wind up:

In a nutshell, we can say that:

  • Digital Ad Ratings will definitely be useful to measure the efforts of digital marketing campaigns.
  • These will be adopted by businesses as new platforms are added.
  • Still, there’s a need of a perfect digital assessment tool which helps businesses to develop a perfect digital marketing plan as well as measure its efforts and then display the steps to be taken post measurement.

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