Sometimes, we can see certain unnatural links available in our website and many times we find it difficult to remove them as they can lead to penalties by means of Google Penguin’s algorithm. These can even lead you to get penalty for manual unnatural links.

With the help of disavow tool, you can remove these unnatural links thus saving yourselves from penalty. So, here we will discuss as to how this tool can be used. The tips mentioned here are useful to everyone whether he’s an SEO Expert or a small business owner who wishes to remove all unnatural links.

Google’s Disavow Tool

This was launched in October 2013. It is one of the ways through which you can inform Google as to refrain including certain links that redirect to your site. Google’s instruction guide is available to use this tool in a perfect way.

Remember this, before using this site: Disavow tool is an advanced feature of Google that must be used with caution. Using it in an imperfect manner can harm your site’s performance. This must be used only if you feel that there are many spam and artificial links redirecting to your site. Google can easily access the most trustful links. So, most of the websites don’t need to use this tool.

Avoid using this tool without proper Guidance

This tool can only be used if you find any links that exploit Google’s search results. Many articles are available on the internet that makes your aware about unnatural links. However, there’s very less assistance available that guide you through the process of auditing and disavowing all the links from starting till end.

Here, we have included all possible aspects about Disavow Tool

    • Prepare an Audit Spreadsheet

Various services are available that will help you to get a list of the links included in your website. Some of these are very useful resources which will assist you to organize the links into easy manageable format. However, it is recommended to review each link manually.

These tools are useful when several auditing spreadsheets are put together. If you wish to create a list of back links manually instead of using any tool then you must follow this process:

Download links from webmaster tools> Go to Search Traffic> Links to your site> and then you will get to see this:

webmaster tools

  • Auditing the spreadsheet

Once the list is prepared and duplicates are removed then it’s time to audit the spreadsheet and then decide whether to keep the links from this domain or not. The ones that you wish to disavow must be mentioned as “disavow” in the column.

The main purpose of Google’s penalty is to ban those sites that badly affect its algorithm due to unnatural links. This penalty removes these sites those who are cheating the faithful ones. It’s not necessary to remove all the odd looking links, remove only those that are spam.

Wind Up

Hope we have managed to provide you the required details about Google’s Disavow tool. To know more about unnatural links and other details related to them, stay in touch with experts at Platinum SEO, provider of affordable SEO packages Adelaide.