Managing with campaigns for pay per click (PPC) is like traveling in a time. If managers using PPC don’t go in depth of PPC techniques then their campaigns will not be very well. They need to live in the present, in the past and in the future at the same time, to have clear picture for their campaigns, and to can optimize them very successfully.

While developing a strategic plan for one of our clients, certain analyses were made based on which we have listed some tactics for using PPC. This process was spiritual in a certain view point.

With this analysis I saw that managers who are managing PPC campaigns have not to stay at one place or space in the time. They must be dynamically, they must be in future, past and present concurrently.

Course Correction Activities in Your Past

Making an analysis for your campaigns every time is critical. Analysis can help you every time when you make it, these analyses can show you historical trend and you can get idea from this analysis and you will have many opportunities for optimization. This type of help, for managers is very good, but sometimes there are some problems and the managers will need to make some changes to make it better for optimizing their campaign.

This tactics will help you to fix some questions with your account, but also these tactics are not standard and these are not used every day.

The main reason for using this is to search activities in the past to implement it in the data.

PPC standard

Standard Recurring Tactics in Your Present

If you are a campaign manager then you will have a list with tasks and some different tactics. Tactics that are on this list should have on it the structure and the health of your account. To have regular schedule completed than you will need to make often test ads, analyzing searches and many other task that can help you for this.

Usually these tactics are not impacting for ad performances, but these tactics are very important. These tactics are not necessary but they are very important for our campaign, if we want to have successful campaign every time.

Prioritized Strategic Initiatives in Your Future

Every manager who is managing PPC campaigns should have vision for the future, or what will be must respected in the future. These tactics are proactive. And also these tactics are very helpful sometimes if the manager really have real vision what is going to be in the future. That can keep your account ahead of your competition in the most of the cases.

To see the future you will not need “the crystal ball”, every manager who have big ideas can make a vision how can be the future.

But these tactics are not used very often by the managers. The main reason is because this step is taking much time of managers’ time, and many managers refuse to use this tactics.

Wind Up:

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