When you are analyzing your website how much is usable, then you need to make yourself sure that visitors are visiting your website can easily find their way on the page, no matter from where was their first landing. In a big websites then breadcrumbs are great way for users to find their location on the website that they are visiting.

Overview of breadcrumbs

I will introduce you to some things that you need to know about breadcrumbs:

Different types of breadcrumbs

In general there are three different types of breadcrumbs :

  • Breadcrumbs that are showing to the user where is located the current webpage where the user is, are called Location based breadcrumbs
  • There are also breadcrumbs that are visualizing the user road to the page where the user is at the moment, these breadcrumbs are called path-based breadcrumbs.
  • Breadcrumbs that are listing the attributes of the page where the user is are called attribute based breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs that are keyword optimized

Many of the website owner are viewing breadcrumbs as extra way to make their site with extra keyword targeted anchor text: To do that they are making something similar to this :

Main Keyword (this is link to home page)> Main Keyword + word (this is link of category)- and for end we have Main Keyword + word

Players (link to home) >Excellent players (category link)> Kobe Bryant players

In many of the situation this can look very natural but is better to take a less SEO centered approach because of many reason, some of them are:

As we said before , too much keyword focused anchor text can look strange for users
Also you should never put SEO before usability: standardly all of people what is home button and where is it taking it, so don’t make them to guess. I am suggesting to you to keep to standards that are accepted from all over the world.

Google and breadcrumbs

From this November, Google is putting breadcrumbs into their system, they are integrating breadcrumbs navigation within the SERPs which makes your listing more attractive and is worth more also.

It’s not showing breadcrumbs in every case. Because algorithm of Google for this is mystery, maybe putting breadcrumbs closely to a source code may help.

Best Practices of Breadcrumbs

  • You should use breadcrumbs only when they are from help for users- this is for large and multilevel websites. If there are not from help for users than you don’t need to add them.
  • In breadcrumbs you shouldn’t link the current webpage where the visitor is at the moment to itself.
  • Also you shouldn’t replace your main navigation of the website with breadcrumbs
  • IF you are using breadcrumbs than you should use breadcrumbs consistently
  • And for end you shouldn’t use breadcrumbs in the <title> tag of the page


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