If you are planning to launch a new website or make modifications to your current website, then there are certain important SEO mistakes you must avoid. Both on and off page SEO are two of the hardest jobs in optimization. Without these simple tricks, your ranking shall remain impacted and the website won’t be able to achieve dominant ranking over the web. Many companies make an attempt to develop websites by opting for different tricks but end up getting penalized by Google. So what could be the decisive factor? There are certain mistakes associated with SEO and one should avoid making these below mistakes to avoid getting penalized.

SEO Mistakes

Avoid posting duplicate content

There are millions of websites developed every day. Some have fresh content while others are stuffed in with duplicate content. These websites even have duplicate information published on their product pages, about us, privacy policy, categories and terms and conditions. For a successful optimization, it is important to ensure that the content you post on your website is unique and evergreen. One of the good ways is to check plagiarism with Copyscape tool and make sure that everything that gets published is unique.

Density of Keywords

Another common mistake that most relevant companies make is stuffing keywords rather than using them properly. It is important to keep a considerable density of keywords per page. For example- If you have 400 words content on a webpage then you can limit the keyword usage up to 4-6 times in content, to make it optimization effective.

Pages with low content and quality

Low-quality content with the majority of grammatical errors in it can also be one of the major problems which are a must to avoid having a good search engine. There can be grammatical errors that could degrade the quality of content. Google search engine devalue such kind of web pages and domains, thus affecting the ranking of a page.

Duplicate and missing Meta tags

Many SEO marketers make the common mistake of duplicating Meta tags, descriptions or they sometimes even forget to add a Meta tag. A good practice is to ensure that you provide unique title with the proper description along with meta-tags that can help increase page SERPs. In order to make these improvements, you need to login to your Google Webmasters Account and see duplicate tags, title tags, and non-information tags.

Broken links

Website with broken links can be heavily penalized. Make sure that there are no broken links and crawling errors. In order to avoid these crawling errors, you can install a plug-in on Word Press website to fix all broken plug-in.

Unrealistic website structure

If your website design is not good and having higher bounce rate, then you need to work harder on creating professional website structure that includes creative content, using attractive colors on the website and creating a mobile responsive website. Some of the other problems include using too much heading tags, missing images ALT tags, indexing of too many web pages, ignoring trust signals and internal linking.

How to avoid these mistakes

One of the best ways to avoid these search mistakes is by hiring SEO services Perth from a quality company. With the association of best companies, one can buy back links, ignore social media, comment spamming, forum posting spamming, and instead can use rich anchor text in excess to enhance the quality of the website. Above mentioned are some of the popular SEO mistakes that must be avoided at any cost. You can hire SEO services Perth from the best companies available in the city. Platinum SEO services is one of the most well-known companies in the market that is capable of providing its customizers with desired services, with the lease amount of flaw in it.