Welcome back viewers, we are here again to provide you some useful techniques for websites that are developed especially to generate more leads. How you can increase conversions for these websites is a question that will be answered in today’s blog.

Our previous blog was about maximizing conversions for those websites that are specifically designed to generate more sales and today we have a hidden gift for lead generation sites. Let’s end our thought process here and reveal the hidden secret. So, here’s our today’s blog post regarding tips to increase conversion rates and achieve the said goals from your lead generation sites and gain as many leads as possible.

Maximize Conversion Rates from your Lead Generation Websites:

  • Provide contact numbers that are easily clickable: As we know, nearly 70% of online users access internet via smart phones and tablets. So, it is important to provide contact numbers that are easily clickable and accessible on any mobile device.
  • Remove unnecessary Fields: Sometimes, we find that our websites have certain types of fields that are not required so it is important to remove these fields and one of the companies was successful to increase its conversion rates by 60% after removing such unnecessary fields.
  • Must Have Opt in form on the main page: Generally lead generation websites are developed by service sectors like marketing agencies, law companies, doctors etc and some of these are developed by companies selling high end products such as software enterprises.
    Opt- in form on the landing page helps to increase the website performance by 166 %.
  • Add Product views/ Testimonials: Most of the customers tend to purchase an item after reading the customer reviews and some of them only prefer those online shopping sites that have product views available.
    Hence, to get more customers; always try to get the product reviews published on your site.
  • Add maximum landing pages: A website having 30-40 landing pages can create maximum number of leads , we can say it can get more number of leads as compared to those sites having 1 -5 landing pages.
    Most of the business sectors with maximum leads have 12 times more leads as compared to those websites having less landing pages.

So, viewers these were some remarkable tips that will surely help any business to get spurt in its conversions and in case if any of you are the owner of any service sector website that is basically generated to get maximum leads that then article is definitely for you and we are sure that by following these tips, you will surely see the difference and growth in business.

For users whose websites are aimed to get maximum user sign ups, we have a good list of some SEO techniques to be followed to maximize conversions which will be discussed in our upcoming blog, meanwhile you can get in touch with experts at Platinum SEO – a reputable SEO Service providers in Perth to get more related ideas in depth.