As the trend of using internet increases day by day, the demand for developing more and more websites also increases. Every single website available on the internet has the target of reaching more number of customers as well as getting as much traffic as it can.

Most of the websites on the World Wide Web have their goal to maximize their conversions. Now, for every online business owner this is a challenge to make its website stand out from the crowd. So, how is this to be done?

It is simple. As a business owner, you must know the subconscious thoughts of the visitors and try to target them by developing your website accordingly. This will help you to create a website that is absolutely different from others.

Developing an Absolutely Different Website:

Subconscious behaviours of the visitors is the most powerful tool to read the minds of your visitors. As these thoughts are universal because most of the human beings search internet for one or the same thing. The main thing is visitors are unaware of their subconscious thoughts and they can’t control them.

This is the big opportunity for you where you can catch their sub conscious thoughts and make a deep impact on their conscious decisions as this will definitely help to drive more conversions. Heatmaps are used to perform this activity as they easily help to know the subconscious thoughts of the visitors.

Tools to Identify the Visitors Behaviour:

Heatmaps is one of the tools used to analyse and track the visitors’ behaviour. After analyzing their behaviour, it provides deep insights regarding the consumer behaviour which other tools fail to do. With the help of this psychological data, strategic decisions can be made about the website layout as they play a vital role in improving conversion rates.

Heat Maps

Heatmaps Used For SEO:

With Heat Maps, the way in which users utilize the search engine results was known. This was done by providing some questions to the users and they were asked to search their results from Google. Using eye tracking, certain interesting trends were also identified which are as follows:

  • Less than five seconds are taken to select a website
  • Link decision is based 30% on title, 21% on URL and 43% on snippet info.
  • Appealing links are clicked first by the users.
  • Results are eyed from top to bottom

This is the reason why top search results are most important as the first two search results are clicked the most. Scrolling is not loved much by people. So, they prefer to type new search keywords to get the exact results.

And that’s why your listing should be among top five search results. This can be done by using rich snippets, unique title and a valid URL that provides a promising link.

Wind up:

With heat maps, the detailed analysis can be available through users’ subconscious thoughts and through this the best places where content can be placed on the website are known which are as follows:

  • Above the fold
  • Left side of the website
  • Between the first 2 paragraphs
  • In the direction of the model’s eyes

Avoid placing content in the places having maximum ads and between the animated advertisements. Also, your web content should be brief and to the point, must quickly stand out from the crowd, informative content for females and more visualized for males.

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