The success of any business is completely based on bounce rates and conversion rates. Both are important factors for any online business. Hence, it is necessary to maintain both in proper ratio in order to get maximum benefit from the efforts made.

So, what it is that can help you to maintain both in equal proportion? Yes, it is your “Call to Action”. How can one write a compelling Call to Action which will help business people to get more customers?

Call to Action to Increase Conversions
This blog post from Platinum SEO, SEO Company Adelaide will highlight some useful tips that can be used to write a perfect Call to Action which drives in maximum customers. These are as follows:

Structure of an Effective Call to Action:

By CTA, i.e. Call to Action; we mean anything that forces people to take action. When you visit any website, you might have come across many such sentences like “Subscribe” “Sign up for Newsletter”, Register Now! Limited Seats Only!

These are some forms that are asking customers to take action but do every time people actually take action? Well, not every time. Only 4 out of 10 or may be less will actually register or sign up to avail the benefit.

So, why remaining 6 don’t do so and how can we convince them to put their efforts and be a part of your business. There are two ways to do so:

  • Make best use of FOMO “ fear of missing out”
  • Use Hope to Motivate people.

First of all, let’s discuss about using fear as a weapon to get customers in.

  1. Using FOMO: The words or sentences that you use for CTA must hit directly to human emotions like as one may feel that they may lose an important thing in life if they didn’t take any action. This can lead to panic, greed, comparison, curiosity or even pride.Such emotions will definitely force people to act. The main thing is to make them realize that “It’s Now or Never”.Here are few phrases that can help you to do so:
    • Last Chance
    • Limited Offers
    • Expires Soon
    • One Day Left
    • Deadline
    • Urgent Action Needed

    Using such phrases in any “Call to Action” compels viewers to act quickly and offers them no time to have a second thought and they are in!

  2. Using Hope to Motivate People: Yes, fear of missing out is really good way to get people in but “Hope” is also a useful tool. Let’s see how this can be used to encourage people to act.Hope comes when one is not satisfied with what he/she has. So, first of all “Create dissatisfaction”, Show customers that there’s no hope but to come to you and use your products or services.Explain the problem, provide them solutions; show them nothing worked but then there’s a solution and that’s your product or service and this will create hope in them.

    “The huge the problem is, the huge the hope is.”

An effective call to Action will be a perfect combination of some verbs and adjectives that represent things in a simple manner. It’s recommended to start your CTA phrase or sentence with a verb like as “Buy Now” “Call Now” and more.

Fill your sentence or phrase with appropriate adjectives. Let’s say: “Only for You. Try out Custom SEO Strategy now”. Such phrases will develop trust as well as hope in people giving them assurance that something special that is made only for them is available for here and they will definitely act as everyone loves the product or service that actually fulfils the needs.

Also, the sentences or phrases must be written in a simple language without using any jargons.

This is not a place to showcase your vocabulary. Hence, make use of simple, primary words to get things done.

Wind up:

This blog post will definitely resolve your doubts about writing effective CTA’s. Do share with us your experience on how useful these tips were and whether they made any impact on your sales. Stay tuned for more such effective posts.