Infographic is an easy way to describe things using images as well as content. Do infographics play any role in maintaining the SEO of your website? Yes, if you wish to get your website optimized properly then infographics is the best option.

But when startup founders need to pay attention to SEO then the important thing is inbound links. If you make use of excellent, useful, funny stuff then the reputation as well links of your website takes care of itself.

Quality infographics can actually help you to develop good inbound links. Yes, there are many agencies who can help you to develop perfect infographics and these can be the ones useful in framing SEO of your website.

Here’s how infographics can develop super SEO:

  1. Create a team to get fresh and useful content ideas: Don’t just allocate the task of getting ideas to only one person, keep collecting ideas from entire team. We all know content is the king and hence it is necessary to have engaging content in your website.
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    Use fresh and useful ideas which will be useful to your target audience and which they will find useful and interesting. There’s always a need for fresh content. Human beings always need something new and hence they keep looking for the same on various websites.
  2. Prepare an amazing design: Irrespective of how fresh and unique your content is, if your website design is not good they won’t be interested to read it. So, along with content it is necessary to have a unique elegant design too.In short, content and design are two sides of the same coin. One cannot be accomplished without the other. Few tools that can help you to get perfect designs for your infographic are as follows:
    • Hubspot infographic templates
    • Piktochart

    Once required infographics are developed then is the question to use them properly to boost the SEO and it is as follows:

  3. Use infographics to get more links: Showcase your internal emotions via infographics. Stories can be explained in a better way as compared to text based content. Tell stories instead of showing facts of your business.Transform your stories in proper manner in such a way that you can easily involve your audience into it.
  4. What Google thinks about links from info graphics? In an interview in 2012, Matt Cutts mentioned that Google can sometimes give less value to the links generated via infographics. But these are the links that display automatically as soon as one clicks to view any infographic.When someone sends you any code to embed the infographic in their website, this technique is considered as spammy by Google. Hence, rather than marketing infographics via email; it is useful to provide a short introduction of the infographic along with the email.This will show how useful infographic is and what exactly it is going to offer you. This is one of the best ways to boost your SEO.

Wind up:

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