To get the best of SEO strategy, we apply to increase our website’s page rank; it is necessary to know that the strategy is aligned with Google’s guidelines and is not affected by any of its updates giving us huge surprises.

So, before you create any new strategy, it is likely that you should be aware of the current updates in Google’s search algorithms so that again you are not affected and your business website don’t lose the hard earned traffic.

A Brief Summary of Changes in Search Algorithms by Google in the year 2014:

a) February: Let’s see what New Year surprise Google has given to the business owners. An update was made to the Page Layout algorithm that checks the number of advertisements available on the top of any website page. Too many ads can lead bring downfall to your search results.

So, if you have more ads on the top, either reduce them or change their position.

b) March: A newer version of Panda led to sudden fluctuations and it is not yet confirmed whether it was a version test or any other update. To save yourself from such sudden updates, always develop a plan keeping in mind the Google’s SEO guidelines.

c) May: Silent in April, Google gave thunder shocks in May when Panda 4.0 & Payday Loan 2.0 released. Many were unaware about the work of Payday algorithm. It was difficult for them to understand what exactly it does and why it reduced the page rankings.

Later, it was cleared that this algorithm targeted to the websites having most of the spamy queries. Then was the turn of Panda 4.0 that mainly focuses on website content. According to this algorithm, the more you have qualitative content, the more page ranks your website will receive. The Keyword ratio is 1:100 that means use one keyword after every 100 words and that too should be relevant to your business category.

d) June: With its latest update, Google decided to remove all Google+ images from unpaid search results. This is done to increase search clicks. So, now you need to make more interactive & unique title tags as visitors won’t be able to identify you via Google+ image.

Hope these updates will help you to build a strong SEO strategy that can be used to increase your page ranks as well as visibility on the search engines and saving yourself from any failures due to anonymous Google updates.

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