SEO is a technique used to increase online presence. Honestly speaking, people are so crazy about improving their website’s page rank, so they are ready to spend thousands and even don’t take time to compare between the fake and real ones.

We need to think several times before investing in any SEO firm as in this world of competition, along with real SEO providers, many of them promise of giving good SEO services but in real terms they provide black hat SEO services. Now what are these black hat SEO services and how they ruin your online reputation? The answer to this question is mentioned in this article:

Black Hat or Grey SEO Services:

Certain firms just trap you in order to get money from you and they don’t have anything to provide which can be called as Real SEO. These may target you via emails, SMS marketing or illegal SEO services.

Those firms that sell only link building strategies packages are the ones dealing with inorganic or black hat SEO techniques. They seem to be so real that sometimes a real company may look front of them.

Through link building, you can increase traffic or get results. Somehow, you may tend to get results however later on your website might be thrown out by Google and you may be penalized for extreme link buildings by Google’s Penguin updates.

Any SEO firm that claims to create links on low quality sites (sites that are not related to your industry) is completely fooling you as link building had importance few years back and now it is not much in use. Excessive links that direct to your website may get it delisted from search engines.

Be aware if your website is in the hands of such SEO companies that offer link building services as Google’s penguin update 2.0 is on the way to identify such spammers and get them out of the search results.

So, if you are a company providing Black hat SEO services then stay warned as your clients may sue you for violating Google’s search guidelines. It is preferable to reveal the truth to them and give their money back or you and your client will be in deep trouble.


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