With changing SEO trends, everything related to SEO changes. Previously, we had discussed about some of the tips that can make blogs popular on the internet and today again we are back to discuss about some latest SEO tips that will enhance your blog’s visibility on the internet.

Let’s take a look at some of New Updated SEO tips useful in 2015:

Using blogging softwares is as simple as using Content management systems. Generally, blog posts are organic in nature and hence they are search engine friendly because these are updated on regular basis and carry very little or no HTML.

Updated SEO Tips

It’s very easy to optimize a blog as well as a blog post. But depending on the type of blogging software you use, optimization can either be difficult or easy. So, following the below mentioned tips one can easily boost the blog visibility:

    • Primary keyword must be the blog domain name: Domain names still serve to be an important ranking factor. We advise you to purchase a separate domain for your blog or you can also prefer to host it on a separate blogging service as well as sub domain of your site but whatever the case is; make sure that the URL contains primary keyword that you actually wish to optimize.
    • Enhance your Permalinks: Suppose, your primary keyphrase is “ SEO blog” then make sure that the words blog, seo or both are available in your blog headers say H1 and H2 tags and these should also be included in the titles of every single blog post your publish.There are several blogging tools like as Blogger.com which create the blog URL based on the title of your blog post. Let’s assume your blog is about: SEO tips for Blogs then the URL of this blog post will be seo-tips-for-blogs.html or something like that.

      WordPress also provides such features where in you just need to select “Post Name” option in the permalinks settings.

    • Make use of long tail keywords in the blog post: Gone are the days when SEO was relied solely on specific keywords. Now, questions, phrases are considered as keywords. Always keep readers in mind while writing the post and then add key phrases and long tail keywords to it.

The reason; this prevents your blog post from becoming keyword spammer.

  • Optimize your blog for mobile devices: Now, no website or blog can get ahead in the search results if it is not readable on the mobile devices. So, make sure your blog post is easily readable on each and every device.This can be done by using a responsive theme for your blog. Several responsive themes are available on WordPress, you can use any of them to make your blog easily accessible and readable on every single device.
  • Update Frequently: Fresh content is always welcomed by search engine spiders. Hence, make sure that your blog contains fresh content and it is updated at frequent basis. If you publish regularly on your blog then it will get maximum traffic.Yes, side by side keep check on the audience. If you feel more people are unsubscribing from then you may need to find any other way.

Wind up:

So, with these latest SEO tips. We are sure that bloggers will definitely be able to get more traffic on their blogging sites. If you wish to know more blogging tips then get in touch with Platinum SEO, SEO Experts in Melbourne.