Are you wondering what makes SEO services so expensive? While many people might think that SEO is a service that is free of cost, others may have experienced a rather costly SEO marketing. The misconception that people have that SEO is free, it is not so. SEO comes at a cost; however, it is not important that all SEO services are costly. There are various big companies in the market that offer best and qualitative prices and that too at affordable prices. To know more about local SEO company pricing let’s see what all factors determine its pricing.

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Different places may have different rates of the SEO services they offer. For instance, the prices in Sydney may not be the same as those in Melbourne. Hence the location has a great impact on SEO pricing hence people availing the same should keep it in mind.

Current Listing

The current position you are at also matters in the pricing of the SEO. For instance, if the company is listed in the top 50 and wish to be placed in the top 10, the pricing may be reasonable as compared to the pricing charged to place a company from a position in the 100s to the top 10.


The target that you want to reach is also considered while calculating the pricing of the SEO. for companies that have high goals and expectations set from SEO, they might be charged more in comparison to companies who are looking forward to achieving a bit of online presence.

Duration or Timeline

The duration or time in which the results are expected to achieve is also considered while calculating the pricing of the SEO. for immediate results, SEO companies must put in a lot of effort and resources to achieve the same. Such factors are undoubtedly going to add up to the whole SEO cost.

Quality of Work

The pricing of an SEO depends on the quality of work done by the experts. For a well-planned and high-quality product, the price charged is higher as compared to the cheap work provided by some SEO companies. Local SEO company pricing is dependent on the delivery skills of the professionals involved. Custom made solutions for SEO requirements of different projects is priced differently depending on the quality of the output and the services used.

Project and Service-Based Pricing

Project-based pricing is the cost calculated according to the number of projects being completed. Similarly, the services opted for from the SEO company is also considered to calculate the price of the SEO. The more the product or service the more the pricing. On the same lines, with more and more keywords and key phrases that are to be optimized, the more is the pricing of the project. For additional web pages, the pricing increases furthermore. There is a direct relationship between the services offered and the price charged for the same.


Local SEO company pricing depends on various factors. With every additional product, service, project and keyword, the pricing increases. While the cost is dependent on these factors, the difference in locations, listings and goals also add up to the pricing. For companies looking forward to best SEO services at affordable pricing, they can opt for professional services provided at Platinum SEO Services. Herein one need not have to worry about the pricing or quality, all of it is determined to keep in mind the interest of customers and their suitability.