It is advisable to keep updating your website with the informative content as well as proper design. Now, sometimes it happens that while changing the design the SEO of the website gets affected which directly affects your website rankings.

So, how can one change the web design without affecting the SEO of the website? This is an important question that is useful to almost all online business owners who have their website. Today, we are going to discuss about how exactly one can alter the web design without affecting the SEO.

Change in Design
When any of your clients says his website design is going to change, an SEO expert suddenly gets tensed because he/she thinks that this will directly affect the SEO work. So, now all SEO Experts must read this article and suggest their clients certain ways through which they can update their web design as well as avert any SEO disaster.

So, here we will discuss about doing SEO checks during site development testing to make sure that the structure, URLs, Page Titles, Meta Descriptions match up properly.

Considering SEO During Redesign

You know that your website has good page rankings as well as is seen among top search results. So, while redesigning your website you can lose many things and have to restart everything. No one wants to redo everything from the scratch. Then, what’s the solution to this?
Steps to be followed to maintain the SEO of any website while redesigning it

    1. Consider the SEO

While redesigning your website, think about the SEO and avoid losing any valuable content which has given you good rankings on the search engines. Sometimes,, clients forget this important part of their website.
Instead of creating completely new URLs, it is recommended to redirect the older ones. This will make easier for Google to read your website and maintain your URL’s.

    1. Crawl the Current Site

If you unaware of your website’s new look then you are likely to have a massive fall. You must be aware about the website structure, Meta data and URL’s in order to know the necessary changes that are taking place in your website.

Crawling a current SEO site will show you a complete road map of how your entire site is framed to be visible and this can be easily done using certain website crawling tools like Screaming Frog.

Once you are aware about your current website’s meta data and the structure then it will become easy for you to match it up with the new one.

  1. Auditing the Current Site

Site auditing is a useful process. Tools like Woorank can easily carry out the task for you but it is recommended to do the task yourself. It’s important to know the nitty gritty of your website to identify any problematic areas.

It is recommended to know what search engines like in your site and what they don’t. This is useful to identify any problems thus enabling you to have a look at certain areas that must be retained.

While auditing any website, certain things must be looked for

    • Error in Page titles or lack of page titles
    • Duplicity of Page titles
    • Page titles with 512 px or more
    • Lack of H1 tags
    • One or more H1 tags
    • Lack of proper meta descriptions
    • Duplicate meta descriptions
    • Broken links : Internal and external
    • Robots.txt
    • XML sitemap
    • URL structure
    • And much more…

This gives you a perfect understanding of the website performance in every area and it will also highlight some areas of improvement.

Wind Up

Following these steps, one can definitely maintain the SEO of any website even while redesigning it thus avoiding the hard work of doing all the SEO work from scratch. Get in touch with Platinum SEO, SEO Agencies in Perth to avoid any SEO disasters in your website.