Day by day, the way people search things on internet is changing as more people now become aware about the search technology. This has also changed the Google results over the decade and now the results have increased to a very rich layout as compared to the older one of just displaying blue links.

When searching about links, we can also get images, videos as well as knowledge graph along with the link. The amount of touch points also increases while searching and it involves various different channels as well as devices.

A theory adopted by Google known as Zero moment of truth theory is used in order to describe the way in which customers search for information on the internet and predicts the number of times natural search is involved on the path.

Knowing how people communicate with Google and other search engines is the most important thing to know. Organic click shows the maximum number of clicks one can expect from the search engine results.

It also helps us in evaluating the effect of our campaigns, predicting the performance and analyzing the changing search behaviour. Using the data from any search engine for various brands based on thousands of clicks and impressions, the insight of CTR can be known.

Click Through Rate Study

Looking at the organic CTR for mobile, video and image search results we can understand how people discover the content on various devices and channels.

When we discuss about top 10 search results and comparing various results like curve with curve etc, it can be seen that there is maximum participation from the first four positions while comparing with other studies.

It can also be seen that rankings are much higher for those positions that are below the top four places. This shows the comfortability of search results with the mining results. Here’s the graph that shows the difference between three click through rate studies

three click through rate

Mobile CTR Affecting the Search Behaviour

With maximum usage of mobile, mobile internet users have increased to an extent. There’s a drastic change in natural search traffic from desktop to mobile devices. As per Google, most of the searches say up to 30% were detected to be made from mobile device and as per the prediction, it will increase to 70% in coming years.

When determined the results via curved graph, we can see it very similar to that of the desktop search results but it will vary in future as mobile searches are increasing day by day and the most important thing they are motivated to search beyond top ten search results. This means mobile search results also consider the results that are available below top ten rankings.

Wind Up

Click through rate is one way to know the number of clicks and the amount of maximum customer searches for top search results as well beyond top results. To improve the search rankings and click through rates of your website, stay in touch with one of the well known SEO Agencies Adelaide, Platinum SEO.