Integrated Marketing Campaign is the strategy developed by combining all types of marketing services that are used to maintain consistency as well as develop online presence on the web. Using this campaign, we can create an overall strong marketing strategy.

Years back, hearing the word “Marketing”, an image was build that it is related and limited to print & television industry only, while this has changed in recent times; where marketing can be done through various ways including social media, email marketing, viral marketing which we basically term as “Internet Marketing”.

These forms are very useful in building a strong brand presence over the internet and help us to reach millions of people within short span of time. In order to make the most use of these forms of digital marketing, it is necessary to have an integrated marketing strategy developed where we can make most use of all types of online marketing services.

Let’s dig some deep into it and know its benefits:

    • Develops uniformity & discipline in all sections
    • Social & digital media marketing opportunities are used perfectly.
    • Marketing campaign is developed for a certain purpose & not for just developing it.
    • Integrated marketing campaign reflects some specific purpose making relevant use of the investment done.
    • When you see a single brand on various platforms, you are likely to remember it very soon. So, benefit of cross platform helps to make an image in the mind of buyers.
    • A very well planned combined marketing strategy gives you overall success including your marketing efforts, brand as well as profit.
    • Framing a strategy means you are clearly aware about your purpose and how it should reach to the target audience and what message is to be sent to those who are viewing your advertisements. This helps you to achieve what you want to.

Summarizing this, we can say that a mixture of various online marketing forms is a perfect mode of communication both online as well as offline. For an healthy business, it is required to have objectives clear in your mind, a well planned internet marketing campaign with combination of various marketing services is a key to success.

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