A combination of SEO strategy and a mobile website is must to meet the prevalent trends of accessing internet on the devices such as smart phones & tablets. There are innumerable ways to build an optimized website for mobile. So, it’s really very confusing as to which way should be opted to develop a website for your mobile.

So, before developing a mobile website; it is recommended to know the objective behind its development and how it will benefit to its users. Once these things are clear, you can then choose as to what type of mobile website you wish to have for your business.

The first and foremost thing that must be kept in mind while building an optimized mobile website is the type of content you wish to give to your target audience. Your mobile website can contain the same content as your main website or something different that aims to attract the mobile users.

The main thing which is to be made clear is that mobile users often need quick access and to the point information as they don’t have much time to scroll down the pages or wait for the website to load.

One way to get your mobile website tested is to ask a group of users to use it and provide their feedback that will help to alter it as per the needs. Moreover, you can also get the assistance by using Google analytics to give you a statistical clarity.

Types of mobile websites you can develop:

  • Responsive websites:
    1. These are the websites that have similar content and the one that is available on the web as well as your mobile. A single website is created and then optimized in such a way that it is clearly visible on all devices such as Ipad, I phone, android, windows, smart phone, tablets etc. This is called as Responsive website. It gets adjusted as per the advice used by the user.


      • Website can be updated as per the changes.
      • SEO optimization is very easy for such type of websites as both desktop as well as mobile websites are interlinked.
      • Convenient and easy for visitors to view your website on any device.
  1. Unique mobile websites: Apart from responsive mobile websites, you can also get separate mobile website developed, completely unique from the one that is viewed on desktops. These websites have different content as compared to your main website.Different keywords can be used in order to target different group of audience and increasing the chances of getting more rankings in search results. You can make some updates in your current website and get new ideas tested to develop a unique mobile website.

So, either you can develop a responsive website or a unique mobile website for your business however the former one is most prevalent. To get the responsive websites developed by expert hands , you can get in touch with well known Responsive web design company Melbourne – Platinum SEO Services.