Getting good ranking on search engines is a difficult mission to accomplish. Things can get even more difficult for companies if they are a multi-location business owner. However, to begin with, one of the most important aspects of SEO to keep in mind and target to is a local business and ensure that your website is visible in local search terms. Services being spread in multiple locations might also make it challenging for SEO companies to devise an appropriate strategy and target local audience accordingly towards the company. Considering the challenges involved in it, it is advisable to take services from SEO agencies Perth that can optimise your website content and encourage target audience according to your business requirements.

Local SEO Strategy Multi-Location Business

About multi-location business

Let’s understand multi-location business by taking an example. If you have an auto shop in two separate locations for e.g. Dallas and Denver you fall under the category of multi-location business. In such a scenario if you look to optimise your website according to one particular location then you definitely miss out the business opportunities in other location. Hence in such a scenario, you need a sound SEO strategy that will attract target audience from respective areas. To ensure that companies opt for best SEO strategies and makes the most out of it to gain traffic we have brought forth few important tips below.

Creating Location Specific Web Pages

One of the most effective ways to handle this multi-location business is by creating web pages that focus on experience according to location. Each location has its own page and provides unique information to the visitors. The specific location web page contains optimised content that includes hours of operation, specials and services. Location specific pages can create a more user-focused experience that helps you get more customer attention. Google search engine algorithms are always trying to provide location specific information to its users. hence while opting for SEO, due consideration should be given to the construction of pages and ensure that they are optimised as per the demand of location.

Advantageous URL Real Estate

URL is the naming convention and must have a landing page which can have location-specific detail. For example, if you are looking to set up auto shop in Denver and Dallas then your web page should have location pages URL like or etc. If you see URL then you can see that there are also subdirectories mentioned in the URL address. This allows your web page to be better optimised in terms of providing location-specific detail to users.

Google My Business

It is important to keep optimising Google so that your website or business is set up in Google Maps, Google+ and Search. It is important to provide all your business details on Google so that it makes it easier for the user to reach through Google. To ensure that your company is optimised appropriately on Google, the guidelines on Google should be followed wisely. If you keep optimising your website then you will be able to gain good rankings on Google search engine results and it will also help you generate more traffic to your website. Don’t be worried, it is easier to set up your account as per Google’s guidelines and once set up has been done this will surely help your business to grow.


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