Our world is rapidly moving forward to adopt the latest technologies that are now available in the market. So in today’s world, a customer or consumer is the crux around which the entire business revolves. In fact, an exquisitely designed and innovative products or services will be unable to survive if they are incapable of winning customers’ heart. In this consumer-centric economy, marketers or business owners are unabatedly putting some strenuous efforts to grab the customers’ attention and improve their experiences with the brands so that day by day more and more customers are getting engaged themselves with those brands.

Cross Customer’s Journey

Over the past few years, the customer’s journey has been changing strikingly. The customer revolution is driven by the incursion of latest smart phones, tablets and other devices which allow them to make purchases, get information and make recommendations of those products or services which they like most by just clicking a button. In this technology driven world, the customers often conclude decisions about a brand without any direct feasible interaction with the brand. This is because of the number of channels, devices and platforms that customers are preferring to use these days. So markets can capitalize these fragmented experiences in order to snatch more revenues for their brands or businesses. Marketers now understand they need to focus on building cohesive and cross-channel experiences if they want to secure their places and stay ahead from their competitors.

A distinguished international brand Hunkemoller claims that 70% of their customers are preferred to visit their online channel to check their products before they make a physical presence at their store to purchase the selected items. So business houses should adopt the skill to orchestrate all the distribution channels to create a consistent and unique experience for customers if they want to engrave their names in this multi-channel world.

In a survey report it is shown that enterprises can make 90% of their revenue from 10% of their returning customers. If we are able to provide some exclusive and unique experience to our customers, then they will always remain loyal with us and never shift their interest. If companies can put more effort to improve customer relevance and can keep focus on cross-channel marketing, then they will be able to enhance their growth and profit.

If a company is continuously delivering a disconnected or isolated experience to its customers across channels, then customers will certainly be disheartened eventually divert their interest for competitors’ offerings. As today’s consumer is demanding and fastidious, business houses and enterprises should try to embrace them with the best experience, if they want to achieve success and a greater bottom line in this digital era.

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