In this digital globalization, the smartphones, tablet and social media sites encircle our world. Now-a-days social networking sites are enriched with so many pivotal information that for us, social media has become the resource for any type of information. And if we open any social media site these days, we can find that the site is embellished with a streamline of pictures, videos and graphics. So, basically over the past few years, all these visual contents are subjugating in social media sites. According to a plethora of studies, Snapchat is the fastest growing platform and Instagram is acquiring its place after Snapchat. Even if we take the example of Facebook (which is considered as the sovereign among all social networking sites) videos and images have dominated over other Facebook updates in the past few years.

Here, in this article we will interpret how business houses and companies capitalize on the opportunities that are given by the rise of the visual content.

The Rise of Visual Content

The value of image monitoring- According to the survey report, in the year 2014, 1.8 billion photos were shared every day on social networking sites. Businesses can easily take benefit from this. Brands can easily incorporate visual content into the list of ways so that they can better understand their customers, their interests and affinity. If they are able to do this, then they will understand how their brand is being portrayed across all social media sites. Visual content also gives an idea how products are being used and adopted in the market. For example, hack images and videos clearly exposes the risks or concerns that an enterprise might want to address as soon as possible. For the companies who are known by their logos or brands, should do copyright registration to ensure that no counterfeit products can enter the market and will not be able to tarnish their brand values.

Visuals are significant drivers in provoking emotion, prompting action and attaining memory retention. According to the statistics, if someone hears an information, then after three days they will remember only 10% of it. While on the other hand, if we able to add a picture to that information then the retention climbs up to 65%. That is why companies are now showing their inclination towards visual contents and hence visuals are considered as a pivotal tool for the mass communication.

While the use of visual content has been clearly explained, the methods that are used to search and analyse that data continue to lag behind. Images often evade traditional tracking and analytics use it to monitor audience sentiments and their intent.

The advancement of search technology will provide richer data analysis that takes into account the complexity and context contained in the images and video. With the invention of latest technologies, search tools are upgraded and allow users to search the visual characteristics of contents like shapes, color, texture, etc.

So, in one-word visuals are playing a vital role for representing our brand and cultivating our brand image on a regular basis.

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