Keyword research is a basic thing that every business owner does in order to boost its online presence. Hence, every now and then people use new keyword research tools to get new content ideas.

There are certain keyword tools like as Word Stream Free Keyword tool and Adwords Keywords tool. These are very old and reliable ones. However, there are some new ones that are launched recently in order to get content ideas.

Let’s take a look at these new keyword tools:

  1. New Keyword Tool – Answer the Public: This is the tool which is most frequently used by people and was recently mentioned on Twitter. Its appearance is somewhat weird which may distract users however you don’t get distracted by it.

    Just simply add the topic and search for it. It is a UK based tool however different countries can be selected as per the need. It displays results in a visual form. You will only have to enter a keyword and then these are organized into various questions that begin with Where, Which, Who, What, Why and How.

    These are question keywords with the content. It is an effective way to showcase your expertise and get as much leads as you need. It can help you to get lot of traffic. The drawback of this tool is it doesn’t provide search volume data.

    Hence, if you see an interesting keyword then you can also use other keyword tools for the same. This tool returns a visualization of keyword phrases that contain prepositions such as like, for, with, versus.

  2. New Keyword Tool

  3. FAQ Fox: This tool specializes with question keywords. It is different from other keyword tools. It completely checks the websites such as Quora and to find the answers to the questions that are related to the topic of your choice.

    Let’s say if you choose the marketing category then the tool will automatically identify relevant marketing subreddits as well as few popular marketing forums like as Wicked Fire and Warrior Forum.

    The questions are linked to actual threads so you can go and check the complete question and its answer that is available there. These questions tend to be much specific and complex as compared to the kind of terms which people use to search for answers on Google.

    Let’s say if you use one in your content marketing then you need to use other so that you can find a phrase with search volume so that you can map the question.

  4. KW Finder: To identify what keywords one must target; it is a good idea to take competition into consideration. It will help you to prioritize your keyword research. Don’t go straight away for super competitive keywords.

    But on the other hand don’t opt for low volume keywords as well. KW finder is a very simple tool which shows the keyword search volume, average PPC, CPC and SEO Competition. Those words having higher score are more competitive.

    However, there are certain terms which have highest competition but their organic competition is too low. On the right hand side of the screen, one can get the snapshot of search volume for this keywords along with some data on pages which are currently ranking on Google SERP for the keyword search.

Wind Up:

Try to use these new tools you will definitely get some new keyword ideas which will be useful for enhancing your online presence. For more such tips and tricks, stay tuned to Platinum SEO; a well known SEO Agency in Melbourne.