Really this SEO field is very vast. In our recent blogs, we discussed about the latest SEO techniques that will help you to grow your business and again we are here to continue the same discussion. Along with Guest posting, blogging, face book activity, twitter activity there are many more SEO techniques which are important for increasing the business’s online presence.
So, let’s move ahead with remaining techniques:

Building appropriate links:

Link building plays an important role in the field of search engine optimization. The main principle used by most of the search engines is to measure the popularity and the number of links that drive people to your website. These rules have changed over the last 3 years.

What search engines find in your website?

  • Organic back links
  • Availability of links on quality websites
  • Avoid providing excess links on content farms and link farms as this will degrade your search engine rankings.

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Making use of long tail keywords:

Gone are the days when short words were used as keywords. Now days, long tailed keywords are recommended. People most often use internet on mobile devices. Previously, internet was used to search for important topics while now it is used even to identify a nearby location as well as products and services.

Local searches are increasing. So, if your business is located in Perth or Adelaide then these names of places are to be included in the keywords. Like as :

  • SEO Packages Melbourne
  • Famous Malls in Adelaide etc.

This will make your website appear among top search results while people are searching for local businesses.

Keep your website updated:

During the last 3 years, modern web standards have emerged including HTML and CSS3. This makes it simple for search engines to determine the website content as well as index information. It is recommended to update your website in order to maximize your online presence among various search engines.

Google loves to give more preference to the latest updated websites as well as those that genuinely care about customers in such a way that they are easily able to get the websites loaded.

Flash based websites are hard to be accessed on smart phones and tablets. Not updating your website will only avoid it from reaching in highest search results.

Manage your links:

Many websites are never updated. This is the reason why they go down very soon and some pages from existing websites are also deleted. Yet, the links remain on the website and they never get down. These are known as dead links which is further known as rotten links.

So, kindly ensure that all links available on your website are active and all dead links are removed. This process can be easily carried out via automation process. Make sure you carry out this process every week so that search engines always see that your website is of better quality.

Get your website updated regularly:

Active websites are more preferable by search engines. In case your website has old content and is hardly updated then such websites are tagged as inactive and as a result these websites have a very little value. So, keep your website evergreen with latest content and make it live and Google will index it on daily basis.

Wind Up

Now, here we sum up the discussion about latest SEO techniques that will help you to get your website noticed among top ranking search engine results. So, for this there might raise a need to hire a reliable SEO Company in Melbourne like Platinum SEO.