Google maps are widely used to find directions, search locations and also to get the routes for unknown places. Previously, we had discussed the use of Offline Google Maps. Today, in this blog post; we will discuss about the new update available.

This new update is not available with Google offline. So, what this new update is all about and how will it be useful to the visitors is a question that every reader will have.

So, let’s begin and understand everything about this new update: Search AlongThe Route

New Search for Places on the RouteIn this new version, navigation has the option to search for new destinations on the current route. This makes it easy for people to find destinations that offer food and gas along the current route they are travelling. This is really a very useful feature.

To use this update, your route must be set on navigation mode and then it is possible to search for as well as select destination along the current path. To get more of the search options; just go to overflow button that is located at the bottom right in any drop down interface and then select the options from the list displayed.

In the older version of the maps; instead of this overflow button; there was a microphone but now it re appears the moment you tap the search button. This means that now visitors must get addicted to double tap instead of using double tap to start a voice action.

Here, you will find four main options viz. Gas stations, Restaurants, Grocery stores and Coffee shops. Among these, you can perform quick search for any of them. You will also get an option” Find more places”.

This will display a standard screen where one can type in or speak using the voice search. Once the search begins then you can start seeing results in the overview map along with the names and the time that you add to the route.

For example; if you want to search for gas stations then you can also get the current prices in separate call out boxes.

Here, there’s no way to clearly state the specific area in which you want to find the location. For example: You are travelling to Melbourne. Now, you will use this version along the entire route to find the location say coffee shop.

Now, you will type “Coffee shop” but now you may get coffee shop located far away from your current location. Here, there’s no option to find any location by adding specific details to the search. Let’s say you cannot find “Coffee shop within 30 miles from here”.

Once you select any option; you will get complete details about the same in a small card which will be displayed at the bottom and on the other hand; a countdown of 10 seconds will start automatically till the navigation switches to that destination.

In case you don’t like suggestions then you can go for panning and pinch to zoom options. This will make it easy for you to see new options. Hence, there’s no limit to the options that can be found within the location.

Here, the best part is you can find a quick spot along the route and it will not at all disturb your current plans; whatever destinations you select can be replaced and removed easily and the original trip will begin from the present position where you are.

With the drop down menu from search button; one can get the option to remove current stop and search for a new one to replace it. If you see the written directions; you can see that the stop is the current destination and also includes a tap target for the end destination which will then get widened to full directions.

At present, this update provides only one stop however one can use the interface to find multiple destinations along the trip. This is one of the useful features that is highly in demand.

This feature works well with Android auto however it doesn’t have any touch interface as well as spoken commands. Very soon; its update will be added. It will be available by 19th Oct 2015.

More Features:

ETAs can be easily compared while driving, public transport, walking and cycling far easier than before. Google maps now has new logo and most of the bugs are been fixed. A complete review about this is available here.

Wind Up

So, now start using the new version to make most use of this feature. For more such updates, stay tuned with Platinum SEO; SEO services Melbourne where you will be updated about every new announcement by Google.

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