SEO; as we all know is one of the important tools to increase online presence. On site optimization involves placing quality content on the site including relevant keywords in the content thus making it easy for search engines to access pages.

Generally, there are two types of SEO: off page and On Page. Off page optimization concentrates on boosting the website with the help of In-bound links where OnPage works on other site factors.

Today, in this blog post; we will take a look at various factors of In-bound links that determine both onsite as well as offsite rankings which are useful for SEO success however on the other hand links are the most powerful factors that affect SEO results.

Every link has different factors which can affect the way that particular link drives SEO value also enables you to trace the keywords that are most useful.

So, let’s take a look at the two main Inbound link concepts which highly affect SEO results:

  1. Follow vs. No follow: To know them deeply; first of all it is necessary to understand how links are useful when it comes to SEO. Links are important because search engines consider them as ways to well known content.

    Maximum links on your website from other high quality sites means more likely you have the chances to get ranked for your target keywords. There are several follow links that will you will come across.

    This means that search engines can count the SEO strength through that link by identifying the rankings.

    In certain cases, websites need to put a label of “No Follow” to these links. This is a suggestion to search engines that this link is not be considered when examining the strength of SEO.

    Basically, No Follow links are used to avoid spams. Let’s say Wikipedia has all outbound links from their domain as “nofollow” and hence spammers will not add irrelevant content to the Wikipedia site.

  2. Anchor Text: These are the words that develop a link. Let’s take an example: Platinum SEO is one of the best SEO packages providers in Melbourne. Here, the term “best SEO packages” is the anchor text.

    HTML of the link is as follows:

    Dofollow Links

    It is necessary to understand Anchor text for SEO because search engines look at the words that are used in the anchor text of the links thus showing the site that helps to determine the page that is to be linked to.

    Hence, if a page receives inbound links with such anchor texts then chances for more rankings of the page will increase when someone searches that page. It is necessary to note that many links with the similar anchor text will be a sign to Google that you are trying to manipulate search results via link building.

Wind Up:

More such details about Inbound link building will be covered in our upcoming blogs. Till now this is it for the day. To know more about the effect of Link building on SEO, you can get in touch with experts at Platinum SEO.