Demand for SEO has been consistently increasing and the main reason behind it is its great contribution to improve website ranking on search engines. In lieu of improving business and website ranking, most large and small companies hire different SEO services within their area. Such SEO services are costly and hence clients expect to achieve results out of them. SEO agencies always ask for a long-term commitment such that they can bring in optimal results, however with changing times expectations of companies have changed and they expect to see continuous growth over the period of time. If the positive outcome is not displayed then clients tend to become unsatisfied and think of discontinuing their services from SEO Company Melbourne. In order to avoid falling in such situations following factors should be kept in mind by both the SEO Company and client.

SEO Agency

Can’t implement your recommendations

One of the key fundamentals of any SEO is to increase visibility but sometimes it becomes hard for them to achieve it as they are not able to control the website. As a result, many SEO recommendations get piled up towards the customer making it difficult for the customer to implement them. The recommendations can go worthless if clients are not comfortable with it.

How to Avoid This?

SEO Company to prevent such situation must provide a good business case to the customer and communicate them that they will provide a good support team to implement the recommendation. It helps in pacifying the customer. Working together with the client can reduce his effort and contributes to the building of a good client relationship.

SEO is not like other channels

SEO is a long-term performance channel which is unlike other channels that quickly produces results. It is normal for your client to become impatient and start questioning the services offered by SEO Company. Even a dip in their online visibility or downward trend by end of the week can start to cause concern.

How to Avoid This:

SEO doesn’t deliver like other channels so it is important to set the expectations at the beginning of the project and develop a trust with your client by keeping them updated about your future steps and approach.

Return on investment and delivery promises

One of the key factors in SEO is the money involved for SEO services and clients are bound to expect a return on investment. Certain clients owing to their bad experience before having too many doubts within their mind and want quick returns. At the same time, there are other clients who expect the promises to be delivered no matter how much time it takes.

How to Avoid This:

Make sure that you spend time with your client and tell them how it works and how to set their budget. Stick to your project once started and avoid making any changes. It is always good to get a written agreement with your client so that they can check every time what has been promised and what has been delivered.


Many clients have questions for the agencies that what will their agency provide on monthly basis? SEO involves many things like content marketing and technical aspects so it is important to provide a set timeline to the client in advance. It is entirely the choice of clients as to which SEO Company Melbourne they wish to hire. However for those who don’t want to take any chances they can probably choose Platinum SEO Services and stay assured of getting best and timely SEO services in town.