Digital marketing is an ever changing field that constantly keeps on upgrading and hence it is important to stay updated with the same. So, as every week we keep on updating the readers about these statistics, today we are going to discuss about the latest digital marketing statistics and these are as follows:

Digital Marketing Statics

Latest Digital Marketing statistics:

  1. Pay Gap: If we look at the pay gap between general marketing and digital marketing then it is slowly reducing. This affects those who are at senior levels and hence here we have shown you the difference between the same:An assistant in digital marketing field will get on an average salary of say Rs.10 to 15 thousand where as an assistant in general marketing will get on an average Rs.8 to 10 k, so this means digital marketing specialists are paid more.

    On the other hand, if we discuss about senior levels then Director or VP gets Rs. 81,200 as a salary in digital marketing field where as in general marketing it increases to Rs.85000. This means that the reduction in gap is seen at higher levels.

  2. Mobile advertising is reducing: As per the report that shows the life style of mobile customers, mobile advertising reduced to 86% in 2014. The reason is increased usage of tablet device and with the popularity of smart watches; it will still reduce to an extent.

    Smart watches are preferred the most due to following reasons:

    • Easy control on music
    • Easy monitoring of social media messages
    • Ease of time schedules and alarms.
  3. Widely visible Google Shopping Advertiser: Based on the report generated by search metrics for thousands of keywords those ranked among the top websites displayed in two Google Formats: Google Shopping and Adwords;

    It is seen that the most visible sites in Google Shopping are:

    • eBay .com

    And those in Google Adwords are as follows:

  4. Nearly 68% people leave the website without completing the checkout process: You may be amazed to read this but this is actually true. However, these abandoned carts are recoverable but still some of these are impossible to do so and hence it is necessary to catch the reason and solve this issue.

    Reasons why carts are abandoned:

    • Unable to get a coupon code
    • High shipping costs
    • Unwilling to buy
    • Need to create a new user account
    • Poor User experience
    • Payment security concerns

    How to get them right:

    • Easy log in process for current customers
    • Offer the option for Guest checkout, no forceful registrations
    • Keep simple forms, highlight errors quickly
    • Show the cart details
    • Provide the option to either edit or review the cart
    • Show the final price.
  5. By 2020, 85% traffic will be via mobile devices: Today, smartphone subscriptions via mobile devices are increasing to an extent. By 2020, there will be an increase in smart phone users till 6.1 bn around the globe.

Wind up:

With these statistics, we are sure that digital marketers will get a deep understanding about where actually digital marketing is standing and how much it will grow in future. We will soon be back with more of these statistics, till then stay connected with Platinum SEO, SEO Agencies in Sydney.