2014 was the year of updates, new trends etc and much more in the social media industry. In our today’s blog post, we will highlight some of the key areas that were focused more in 2014. So, let’s look back at Social Media Past:

Social Media Highlights 2014

    • Two way Conversations
      People use social media sites in order to stay connected with each other as well as with businesses of their choice. If in case, someone is visiting your website and then comes to your shop or dials your number then definitely that person is interested to take benefits of the services provided by you or purchase your products.In case of social media, people can connect with the business only if they find something interesting which diverts them to you. So, it is necessary to provide proper response to people on social media sites so that they can get engaged with you. This means equal efforts are needed from both ends viz. Customers as well as business owners.So, keep interacting with your audience if you post something on your business page. Quick and positive interaction with satisfactory answers helps you get more leads as people always share good things first.
    • Visual content is important
      With increase in the use of Social media, the demand for visual content also increases. This visual content can be an image, an infographic, a video or anything that catches the attention of people. Websites using more attractive and informative content are visited first.A simple example of this is the user-base of Instagram which is more than that of Twitter. The active user base of Instagram got increased by 50% in 2014. One can easily judge its growth in the coming years.Moreover, brands that posted the content on Instagram received around 18 million interactions. This doesn’t mean that you should join Instagram and avoid using twitter. These are just the statistics to show that the importance of audience on your any of the social media platform.
    • Paid social advertising is increasing
      When talking about Google, it normally prefers organic advertisements while this is exactly opposite in case of Social media. Looking deep in the social media insights of 2014, we can say that it is very difficult to advertise on social media sites without any investment. That means there are very less chances of organic advertisements.However, still giants like Face book and Twitter are preferred more as a mode of social media advertisement and this focus is still increasing with the awareness that free adverts will be very soon blocked by Face book.This is to maintain the focus of business owners on their advertisements with a view to get maximum return on investment rather than just looking at total likes, reaches etc. Focus will be directly on maximum conversions.

Wind Up

So, before you invest in any of social media campaigns; make sure that you are investing at the right place and in the right social media platform. Always select the one that matches your needs. Confused to select one? Then contact SEO experts at Platinum SEO, a remarkable SEO Company in Melbourne.