Now days we have more and more programmers who want to get into mobile application development, where they can create websites using tools of their choice. One of the recommended tool for development is Microsoft Visual Studio.

Microsoft Visual Studio usually is used for developing a computer program for Microsoft windows, but with this powerful tool we can also develop web sites, web applications, web services and the most important for us mobile applications.

This powerful tool dates back from April 1995 (Version 4.0) to the newest version released in 2013 (Visual Basic 2013), and it shows no signs of slowing down. But explosion of mobile applications is leaving some questions for developer for using of Visual Studio. What are the options for developing mobile applications in general? How can I develop iOs without Mac? How can I develop Android without studying Java? And maybe the most important is: How can I develop applications for all the platforms using only a single-code base with a shared user interface in Visual Studio. I will try to answer these questions in this article.

Responsive Design

Building mobile applications for web is using the same technology like all web developer are using. These technologies generally include HTML5, JAVASCRIPT and CSS3. When developing of these applications in Visual Studio you will standard start with a New ASP.NET project template as shown in Picture 1.

New ASP Project
common term in development field is responsive web design. With this approach, particular form and content is adapted to various sizes. One of the examples of this is the Web Form project template found in Visual Studio 2013 as it contains two master pages. One of these pages is for desktop screen and another one is for mobile applications. The master site contains a reference for booting that draws the necessary JavaScript and CSS files. If you create a new ASP.NET web form then you will see booting is already installed in the NuGet Packages as shown here under:

Responsive ASP Project

Coming to the next image, we can see a small change in the website appearance as it is viewed on a smaller screen. After the first launch of the web site will contain every required layout as now it knows that the screen size is large enough to fit everything.

Our ASP Project Home Page

If we make the browser smaller like here in picture 4, then you will see layout changes and now we have a side panel in the upper right hand corner that is containing links to the pages that are no longer available on a mobile browser such as the: Home, about and contact pages along with a few others.

Wind Up:

Hope, we provided you a perfect idea as to how you can build a mobile app with Microsoft Visual Studio and this will surely help you to create one. In case you are facing any difficulty then Platinum SEO will certainly help you out in development of custom mobile app.