You cannot build mobile application in isolation using only just the native developer kit. Building of mobile applications is looking from you to have the right tools to afford you efficiently working in every aspect of development.

Developing of your first mobile application can be a wonderful experience, especially when you will not have enough knowledge of the tools that you already have. Working with these third party tools will help you to get on the market quickly and focusing on getting product or market that is fit for your app.

Making prototype of your application gives you a clean view of its every single aspect, function and the user flow. You need to have made a prototype before you hire a developer for building you the application. You have more clean requirements, it’s more precise your timeline and estimates for pricing of development of your application.

Build Mobile App Development

Tools that will help you to develop a User Friendly Mobile App:


  • This tool will help you to create a full mobile application experience without using a single code. With this tool you will get a complete user flow and navigation of your mobile application with interactive elements like gestures and touch events to make it interactive.
  • This is another tool that will allow you to make full interactive application prototype. This is free tool that allows you to share your application with your team members through collaborative framework.
  • It is another application which is helping entrepreneurs, designers and even students to transform their ideas from the paper to a full interactive prototype. If you have sketched your application on a notepad, you can simply import it in this application by taking a picture.

A/B testing:

The only way to know if something is working in your application on the correct or wrong way is to
Test and measure it. If you want to get desired results, you need to keep testing it until you succeed.

  • Amazon A/B testing: This tool is available for free from Amazon and it will help you to create and run mobile application for testing purpose.
  • This application highlights the main areas in your mobile application, letting you to follow gestures, device orientation, user flow and engagement.

Mobile backend

If your applications ask users to sign up to use your application, then you will need to build a backend. Building a backend will give you additional cost as well as signing up with a hosting provider.

The newer mobile applications, startups now have the option of using MBaaS provider to minimize these costs and develop quickly

    • Parse provides good flexibility along with a very easy to use iOS and Android developer kit that automatically takes care of synchronizing your applications data with its database.
    • With this popular application you can pull rich video content of Bright cove’s application cloud.
    • This is very helpful if your programing language is C# for building iOS or Android applications.


The importance of analytics is very high. The analytics allows you to analyze user behavior in your application to get insights. Also analytics are very useful for building a good and efficient marketing strategy.

      • This is free tool that gives you insights into your users and application performance.


The main mistake of most entrepreneurs is that they think about the marketing after their products is in application store. You should make your marketing strategy and start marketing, the day when you start the production.

      • Hello This application helps you to drive visitors to your landing pages. It will help you to collect email and get more social shares too.
      • This one is connecting you with YouTube for creating content that is shared on huge network. This is fantastic for startups because videos are starting at $100.

Apps Marketing Steps

Wind Up:

Use as many tools as you can and try to create a stunning mobile app, if you need any assistance from expert developers to build mobile app, then contact to us at Platinum SEO. We are always eager to help you.