Speaking of SEO is the same as talking about web positioning, that is, it is a set of techniques and actions that will help us achieve greater visibility in search engines such as Google. To all of you who use the Internet, it is common for you to use search engines to find some information on the Internet. For example, if we want an LED TV we use the search engines to investigate which is the most appropriate, which are the models and features and depending on the room where you want to locate what are the available sizes. Once selected, you use the same search engine to find which online store is cheaper. However, trying to explain the scope associated with these searches – from the function of search engines, websites and the role of SEO Expert Melbourne for better search engine positioning – is not always simple.

Therefore, in these lines, there is an explanation that can help CEOs, vice-presidents, directors, managers and stakeholders of digital marketing to understand the field in which the practice of SEO or search engine optimization (SEO) is developed.

Users demand information and sites offer content

From an economic perspective, the Internet is an information market. While on the one hand are the websites that are the providers of content, on the other hand there are Internet users who demand content. These seek information (read a news item, search for a product operation manual etc.) or make a transaction (buy a product online, fill out a form, make a transfer to a bank account etc).People generally use search engines to find those sites that best respond to what they need. For example, according to statistics from Hub Spot, if it is about the purchase of a product, 61% of Internet users research a product before buying it and 44% of online buyers start the process to buy a product from search engines. The search engines are “Brokers” between the demand and the content offer.

SEO Expert Melbourne

According to World Wide Web Size Internet, as of today, it has more than 4.4 billion pages. Given such amount of information, and how difficult it can be for a person to find content that is useful in that sea of ​​information, appear on the scene search engines or search engines like Google, Bing, Baidu or Yandex to name a few.

Following the economic analogy, these search engines do the work of brokerage or “brokerage ” to find those contents that, over time, have responded better to what users have been looking for. To make a comparison of what an intermediation is, the function that search engines provide is similar to what real estate or real estate brokers do. These act as intermediaries between those who want to sell a property (the offer) and those interested in buying it (the demand).

It’s time for an SEO Expert Melbourne consultation

Do you previously have essential information and general information about SEO? Update your own website and social media accounts with help of Platinum marketing, but still not sure where to start or how? Now is the time to make an appointment with a SEO specialist so that you can consult it with your knowledge, scientific experience and background. Having the correct information ready will speed up your SEO process. Hire an SEO specialist for your company.

If you have an organization where you consider that SEO is an important part of your marketing business, it is recommended that you hire an SEO Expert Melbourne Platinum SEO services. Keep in mind that this SEO expert needs to have enough knowledge of marketing and emotional intelligence to be able to optimize your site carefully and classify it as high as possible. If not, you may end up with the opposite result. Since the ranking of your website and blog post depends on many factors, be sure to hire an experienced person.

Being SEO is a very complex job, since not only are there many different tasks that you have to perform, but it is also necessary to have a very broad knowledge. In addition, all this knowledge is not enough to be theoretical; you must know very well how it works in practice. In fact, there are going to be many cases in which you will only be able to succeed thanks to your experience in the field and not to the theory that you have been able to read.