SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is extremely an important strategic move that plays a crucial role in building a website. It is an effective search strategy that provides foundations for growing your business online. The role of SEO is to optimize existing website in such a way that it attracts potential customers by ensuring that website is placed at the top in search results and web rankings. Optimizing website through SEO involves specialization in technical skills. Most of the people who don’t understand about SEO techniques are not sure what technical SEO is all about. Many people think that SEO is all about designing or doing makeup of your website but SEO is more than just makeup of your website.

Technical SEO is Much More Than Makeup

What is Technical SEO and how it is different from Content SEO

Technical SEO is more than just building your website for efficient search engine perspective. If we talk specifically about content SEO, we are looking to create content that is themed and structured properly. It involves doing site planning, structured content development, keyword selection and much more. One of the most important Content SEO strategies include title tags, compelling meta description, generating readable content, headlines, images, keywords, phrases and formatting of text. All these strategies may seem to be make-up only but it is important to understand what technical SEO is and how it is different than content SEO.

Technical SEO is referred to doing coding and handling technical issues associated with website. This involves optimizing websites according to Google search engine requirement and algorithm. Technical SEO involves below strategies and tactics involved.

  • XML sitemaps- this is used to provide a more detailed mapping information to your website so that your website could be found via images and videos uploaded.
  • Repair Missing links- Another important element that needs to be set up and served is resolving issues related to broken or missing links that can help navigate information back to your website.
  • Coding and programming- Page load time needs to be improvised so that your website could be faster. This can be done by changing code or uploading less resolution images on website.
  • Canonical programming – there can two main ways by which your website can be searched. One is by domain and another is by subdomain. In nutshell, with the help of technical SEO, you can determine how you want to serve your website. It is about letting search engine understand about your preference while removing duplicate issues.
  • IP Addresses-it is important to give a numerical label to your website. Prefer to choose a unique IP address and eliminate the chances of sharing website IP address. If you are sharing an IP address then there may be possibility of IP conflict.

Most of the website owners are looking for technical and content SEO both but if you check specifically about technical SEO then you may be able to realize the benefits associated with it. Content SEO is also important but if you want your website to be set up properly without any glitches then you must choose seo packages Adelaide from Platinum SEO Services. Get access to good and optimized content with technical SEO.