When it comes to social media; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat etc are at the tip of our tongue. Slowly, Pinterest is also gaining the momentum and it has become one of the potential social media marketing channels.

Several brands consider it as one of the most productive channels. Here, in this blog post we will discuss about one of the most productive features of Pinterest. The owners or we can business analysts of Pinterest have decided to lure businesses with maximum offers that help them to get engaged meaningfully with customers.

As a result, two new concepts are launched by Pinterest; Cinematic and Buyable Pins. These are developed to highlight the fact that social media platforms gain more than they are giving especially when it comes to SEO.

One of the well known features “How to Pins” was announced recently which allows users to communicate with each other via instructional content in an efficient manner. So, next time when you get an interesting project or idea on Pinterest; you will be able to find the steps below Pin image.

You can also click or tap on any of the steps in order to get full instructions along with list of supplies. Presently, Pinterest has teamed up with several content brands including Cosmopolitan, Martha Stewart Living, Food.com etc to launch how to pins.

The new Pin format is no brainer for Pinterest. One of the main reasons people use Pinterest is to get ideas and try them for first time. Hence, a Pin format that delivers how to content in an efficient manner must benefit the overall Pinterest experience.

How is this useful for brands?

For several brands like The Home Depot how to pins can be a good way to promote its wares to the Pinterest audience. How to Pins are more complicated proposition for content brands. This is because it might be easy to use the currently available content to create how to pins.

This new format represents yet another push on behalf of popular social platform to deliver valuable third party content without giving up control or ownership of users and experience.

Strong argument is to be made that brands are getting very short end of the stick particularly when it comes to SEO. One of the well known Digital Publishers- Brit & Co. has started using how to Pins.

The “how to pins” offered by this publisher are How to Make Easy, Cheesy Pizza Pull Apart Bread that is based on an article published on its own site under this title itself in 2014.

Article Result in Google

Article Published on Google

This image shows the significance of how to Pins based on third party content which offers significant SEO benefit to Pinterest at the cost of third party that owns the content.

From this, we can say that how to Pins can easily drive referral traffic to brands like Brit & Co. and hence it is possible that Pinterest can serve as a perfect boon for content owners who can share the expense of the content that is posted to Pinterest.

However, this is still doubtful and hence brands will ultimately come out by ceding control of user experience as well as audience ownership to social channels who ask for smooth access and use of their most valuable assets thus gaining a free SEO benefit in the process.

Take Away:

Try to use “How to Pins” for your business and let us know the response. For more such tips & tricks, stay tuned with Platinum SEO; well known SEO in Melbourne providing affordable SEO services.