Every agency has its own ways to tackle SEO however based on the project requirements we can select the tools that help us to achieve our goals and suit our needs. Every task including content creation, social media engagement, website development, search engine optimization has the tools that we use today.

Here, we will discuss about our favourite SEO tools that we use to achieve our targets. We think these might be the ones that you cannot live without. So, let’s take a look at these tools:

Most widely used SEO tools:

  1. Google Search Console: Using this SEO tool; one can gain a deeper insight of what Google actually thinks about the website. This tool can be used once the website is verified. This verification can be done in number of ways.

    Once your website is verified then you can submit the XML sitemap as well as index pages with Google. This tool will then inform you about the search queries for which you can get the highest ranks, back links for your website, errors on the website, validating structured data, missing pages which are linked by other websites, techniques for various Google optimization and fetch to get blocked resources.

  2. Buzz Sumo: This is one of the great sources to know the type of content that is ranking all over the internet. One can simply find a topic which you are interested to get ranked for and then see the top ranking content based on that topic.

    Buzz Sumo helps you to know the type of content that your audience is actually searching for. Based on their interest, you can then provide them the suggestions for similar content that you can create for your own website.

    The comments of the ranking pages can be used to know about the additional content which your audience is in need of. Develop the content around these gaps in the high ranking content for your specific audience.

  3. SEMRush: This tool allows audience to the audit the portions of the website which are less visible. One can view reports to know exactly where and how SEO is lacking? Chances are such that you might be missing back links, unique meta descriptions and titles for your pages.

    SEMRush will immediately identify this and then highlight the opportunities for improving the site. Using this tool, one can quickly reduce the number of SEO errors on any website. With this tool, a deep insight about the websites of competitors can also be gained. This will allow you to measure yourself against the competition.

  4. Soovle: It is a very simple tool with uses Google to suggest API as well as other suggestions related to search engines. Just type a search query in Soovle and then view the suggested keywords which are available into all major search engines.


    This will help you to get knowledge about popular searches as well as help you to get insight to the questions which are frequently asked by audience. Another step is to boost the research high ranking content based on popular searches with the help of a popular tool like Buzz Sumo.

    Additional opportunities to make content better and targeted with this research can also be identified. With this list; you are then ready to start managing the SEO tactics as well as optimizing SEO efforts.

  5. Back link Tracker: With this tool, one can easily track back links. Most of the websites provide you free back link track however you must sign up in order to get the right data.

    Back links are necessary to develop links.

  6. Domain Names: In order to optimize your website; make sure you have a few domains instead of your website. These domains must have your keywords as these will help your website for better optimization.

    Analyze offers provided by various domain registration companies and then book the domain name which is suitable to you and which has relevant keywords.

  7. Site Report Card: This tool is used to get information about your websites. When your website is all set to go live then at that time you can judge the report card of your site. This will help you to know about link failure, typographic error, keyword analysis and lots more.
  8. Google Monitor: It is a very useful tool from Google which allows you to know about the position of particular keywords. It is very useful for those who have developed a new website.

    It is not necessary for you to visit several pages to know your keywords position but all these tasks are done using this tool.

  9. Link Popularity Checker: The more popular you are; the more successful you will be. There are thousands of websites available on the internet that can offer you the exact data of the links.

    It can help you to know about the gap between you and your competitors. It is an awesome tool which can be used to identify the earnings from SEO.

Wind Up:

Are you a beginner in the SEO field? Are you searching for any SEO tool which can help you to beat the competition? Then, you have reached at the right place. All the tools listed here will help you to track your online performance as well as boost SEO.

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