The expired domains are becoming hard to scrape. High quality expired domain names cannot be found in a particular niche. Many domains were left, but when SEO experts Melbourne found a list of expired domain names, about 20 were domains and three new features had the domain authority of 75. Instead of building a network of the blog, clients outreach services and offer good money.

Many people are using their creative skills such as writing to make money. They are usually the ones who believe in doing what they love. To grow in this field, it is essential to polish your skills so that the audience does not get bored of your writing. It should be such that the audience looks forward. Most agencies offer good placement in industry blog or news site, and it is a great change happening nowadays.

Guest PostsHere are the ways of reaching your client:

•   Find the targeted sites

Head over to Google with the fresh browser window and look for industrial blogs. Check for client’s competition using backlink analysis software. After doing this once, establish contacts on many blogs so that you don’t need to outreach more customers. We have been doing this for about a year and had blogs that love submission of content from me.

•   Find the submission form from the best sites

You may land on the page where you may submit your bio and ideas of some topics. If your content topic is right and you are expert in your respective field, you may probably get back to you with the requirements. Most big sites have requirements on what they are looking for seriously. They are well aware of that they want a link, so there is no persuasion for this from here on out. Give them all your social profiles as they help Google to tie their identity together in the SERPs.

•   Secret sauce

It is where things get easy. If you write for an excellent blog, your article will get maximum shares. When SEO experts Melbourne write blogs about SEO, it is shared by the SEO agencies that also have some blog. They reply to their tweets and ask if they want them to write a piece of article or blog for them. The answer is “YES” to most of the questions.

It is essential to keep building off the things that you have. When you apply to any new site to write for, the passive pieces of content can often be resumed. You get to know where people are paying you for writing for them as a staff writer. It is right!

If your writing is well received, it will be paid well for it. SEO experts Melbourne hopes in teaching you all the basics here so that you can apply in any SEO agency. Guest posts outreach time is quite high, and it cannot be in demand anymore.

So gain more expertise in your writing skills to make more money and for greater advancement in your career growth by taking the Platinum SEO services.