Internal linking is one of the imperative components of SEO and it has become mandatory for us if we want to uplift our SEO rankings. Though the process and theory of internal linking is a little bit complicated, but it is very crucial if we want to enhance our web traffic. These days’ companies and enterprises are designing websites with an aim that these will help them to drag more traffic towards their sites. So, if they want to fulfil their aim then they need to incorporate internal linking to their sites.

Internal Linking SEO

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Now, let’s take a look at what is internal linking and why it is so demanding in these days’.

Internal linking:

An internal link is one which connects a page of a website to a different page of the same website. In an internal link, the source and the target domain remain always unchanged or same.

The prime purpose of internal linking:

  1. Internal linking assists in website navigation
  2. It conspicuously defines the hierarchy and the architecture of a website.
  3. It also potentially distributes page authority and ranking power throughout the particular website.

Therefore, if a company or business house wants to proliferate their growth rapidly, then they should wisely plan their internal link building strategy which directs visitors where they should go. If we have an internal linking structure, then it is our foremost duty to make sure that every page of our website is conveniently crawled by Google’s programs. Moreover, if we possess an internal linking structure then it will also assist us when we want to develop the relevance of a page to its keyword. It also enhances individual page’s ranking.

Below we are mentioning some commandments for internal linking and by following these; we can certainly create a top-notch SEO optimized site.

  1. Content creation: If we want to create lots of internal links, then we definitely need lots of internal pages. And for this, we need to create lots of enthralling and consequential contents.
  2. Need to use anchor text: Anchor text is one of the pivotal signals that search engines use in rankings. If many links point to a page with the right keywords, that page will certainly get a good rank for the targeted phrase in that particular anchor text.
  3. Use some unnatural links: We need to incorporate those links which are not usual for the users. When a visitor finds an informative link which utterly matches the context of the content, then they love to click on that link and in this way we can enhance our number of visitors.
  4. Use follow links: Follow links are the ultimate way by which we can easily build out the internal link architecture of our content marketing.
  5. We should use a reasonable number of internal links. In order to improve our SEO ranking, we don’t need to use tons of links in our internal pages.

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