No one gets penalized on purpose. Sometimes it happens due to carelessness and sometimes because of SEO mistakes. Getting your website penalized is a major setback for any blogger or e-commerce website handler. You may not hear any warnings or alarms before you get penalized. It just happens suddenly and you realize your website is no longer visible in Google search results. So what exactly could be the reason behind penalizing your website or your website getting banned? Let us look at the below reasons that can put you into great trouble.

SEO Mistakes

Unnatural link building

Link building is a great way to increase your website rankings and business. Many websites create links to their own website by adding them through blog posts or comments. Links enable more traffic on your website and this can be done through social media as well. Google is extremely stringent when it comes to evaluating the quality of links and its feasibility. Google’s search engine algorithm is evolved in nature and cracks down any low quality links that exist for a long time. It has become severe with panda or penguin updates to penalize the website by removing them in search engine results. One of the key mistakes, which most SEO companies in Melbourne make, is by not creating quality links or using automated link building tools that create low quality links. Creating links intentionally for search engine purpose should be avoided but instead more relevant links should be created that are valid in search results. One of the factors is to check broken links through popular SEO tools and correcting html errors or unnatural anchor text if any. Google has an extremely elaborative method to check any deceptive links, which is why it is important for other sites to take extra precaution.

Excessive affiliate links

Affiliate marketing is yet another way to popularize your website by providing portion of sales to advertiser website. It means that if someone clicks on the add links posted on the website and buys something for the advertiser’s website then a small portion is given to the website owner where links are posted. Affiliate links are commonly used by webmasters to earn extra money online and generate revenue but such links can also impact your reputation and rankings. Google never discourages affiliate programs but it ensures that affiliate add links posted on your website are genuine and not fraud. If Google finds out that affiliate links are of banned websites then it can penalize you.


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