Hello Viewers!! Today, we are here to share with you some nitty- grit ties of the SEO world. We are going to have a simple discussion on how SEO helps to increase traffic on your website.

According to the SEO experts in the field, it is revealed that visitors hardly wait for 8 to 10 seconds on a single website to get it loaded; more time diverts them away and forces them to choose another website to get the info.

Maximum 30 seconds is the waiting limit, more than this is not acceptable and such websites must stop doing business on the internet. Apart from speed of the website, other things also play a major role in keeping the customers stuck to your website. These include proper usability as well as gaining higher visibility among various search engines.

So, how SEO helps to fulfill such website needs? Well, SEO is mainly used to increase the website’s visibility among search engines. These SEO techniques are of two types : Paid SEO techniques and Unpaid SEO techniques also known as Organic SEO techniques, the ones that are mostly preferred by Google.

From the wide range of SEO techniques, you can choose the ones that meet your needs. In order to know which techniques will serve the purpose, business owners hire SEO companies to carry out the tasks and provide proper guidance so that an online business website can get proper and genuine rankings in the search results.

Some of the common SEO techniques mostly adopted by SEO firms:

  • Developing unique, informative and compelling content.
  • Creating attractive webpage where the content is to be posted.
  • Provide multiple back-links to the content on various authoritative websites.
  • Update the website content at regular intervals.

In order to get website easily noticed, it is important to include some of the keywords that will help the website to be visible among the search results. Certain keyword search Software like Google Keyword tool, Wordstream are useful to get keywords relevant to your business industry.

Furthermore, these Software also provide assistance in checking the relevant HTML tags including title, description and keywords to determine if they really meet the website purpose or not. These Software provide keywords that are meaningful as well as increase the appearance of the website among search engines.


Websites are a part of your business and they play a vital role in presenting your business on the internet. However, just creating a good business site is not enough, it is equally important to make it visible among top results so that you get noticed and your presence is felt. To make your presence live on internet, get a particular SEO strategy framed by Melbourne’s well known SEO services provider Platinum SEO Services.